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This week Digital Media Thoughts founder, blogger and Media Center enthusiast Jason Dunn joins me to talk about Windows Media Center, trouble with Album Art, Zune and why he scanned hundreds of album covers in to his system.

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Show Times:

00:49 Coming up this week
01:26 Send in your email
01:36 Comments regarding V2 Extenders
02:48 What plugins can you not live with out, updated, see the comments and this forum thread
04:40 Case study  on Media Center’s Showtime application
05:57 Squirrel Stash
07:59 Updated Windows Media Center SDK
09:30 One Voice: Media Center CommunicatorDownload a free trial
10:43 Welcome to Jason
11:20 Background on Jason
16:00 Pocket PC evolution Pocket PC Thoughts
20:11 Do UMPCs meet the hipe?
21:00 Getting started with Windows Media Center
25:13 Experiences with Vista Media Center
29:00 Performances Issues
31:40 Video drivers
34:22 Upgrading
38:45 Building your own PC v buying off the shelf
42:20 Album Art in Media Center
50:10 Scanning 750 CD covers!
56:51 Zune and album art
59:07 Zune
1:03:00 New Zune’s coming?
1:05:51 Thanks to Jason

Music by Ian Dixon

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