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This week Xavier Lauwaert from Sony joins me to talk about the Sony XL3 Media Center Server and the TP1 living room PC, we also talk about how Windows Media Center fits in with Sony’s product range. I have email, news items and details on a new feature for the show

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Show Times:

00:49 Coming up this week
02:12 Email – HD audio via HDMI
05:31 Email – TV on HD Screens
09:28 HDMI cable for the Xbox 360
10:14 Missing guide data , see my blog and this thread on TGB and this thread on AV forums
12:25 Autozoom with DVB-T , see this thread
13:43 New Developer forums from Steven Harding
14:10 The Real World feature, I want your thoughts
15:40 A message from One Voice, download a free trial
16:56 Welcome to Xavier
17:42 Sony moving to MCE
18:26 Sony’s vision of the Digital Home
20:06 Background on the Xl series
21:55 DVD Changer
24:28 XL2
25:30 XL3
26:26 CableCARD
28:05 Blu-ray storage
31:50 Sony’s Digital Lifestyle
33:11 XL3 Spec
34:41 Connectivity
35:33 Keyboard and Remotes
36:24 Sony’s Lifebrowser
39:35 H-DNA
40:09 TP1 round PC
45:45 LS Media Center Desktop
46:45 Media Center on Notebooks
51:18 Availability
53:18 See you next week


Music by Ian Dixon

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