A lot of attention goes in to the TV features of Windows Media Center and I am sure Microsoft get a lot of feedback on what features are missing, but I must admin I take the Music function of Media Center for grantage and I am sure there are lots of features that other people feel are missing or suggestion to improve the Music experience.

So if you use Music in Media Center what is it missing that would make the Music experience better for you?

If you not using Music, why not? What stops you from using Music? Is it a feature or a performance issue?

I know what lots of people have asked for a Folder view of there music rather than the library view we have now, but I am sure there a  lots of missing features and things that bug you that could be documented?

So what bugs you about Music?

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  1. I’ve always wanted (and am actively developing) simple ‘more with my music’ features. I know that music is a listening experience, but this is a MEDIA CENTER. Surely we can do better than just a couple of fairly low-quality visualisations.

    Firstly, wouldn’t it be nice to have something like AVS (the visualisation system found in Winamp) running in the Media Player environment?

    But more than that, what about some of the great programs you can get now with a musical bent. Let us download artist information & view their CD library. Lets see the lyrics, dance to the music in Stepmania, sing to the music with either a Karaoke system or Ultrastar, let us see the sheet music (community-created, of course) so we can play along with our guitar, piano’s or kazoos. How about quick buttons to copy the songs to our mobile phones & pick the tracks we want on our portable devices…there’s a world of options out there for more depth to the music experience. It doesn’t have to end with the ‘Play’ button.

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