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This week on the show Orb’s Ian McCarthy returns to the show to talk about using Orb to get your Media Center content on to a Wii and other devices, what Orb is doing with Myspace and getting Divx video on to your Xbox 360. I have email and news items and I also introduce a new feature on the show called “Ask Charlie Owen”

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The Media Center Show with Orb Networks

Show times

00:54 Coming up this week
01:23 Email on show 100
04:55 Email on Vongo
05:23 New feature “Ask Charlie Owen”
07:07 Charlie Owen on MCMLPad
09:38 How to get your Media Center content on to a Wii or PS3
10:15 Forum post winner of the week
10:20 A message from One Voice
11:24 Welcome to Ian
11:58 What’s new with Orb
12:15 Youtube on your mobile
14:50 Using Orb with a Wii
19:09 Orb to a Xbox 360 to play Divx and other formats
22:33 Gaming
25:00 Spinal Tap 🙂
26:05 Using Windows Vista Media Center book
28:15 Vista Media Center UI
29:05 Big Screen Headlines
29:24 Q Sample application
30:17 Mycasting to Myspace
35:50 Video on how it works
46:23 Live TV v watching in Media Center
48:08 MSN Soapbox
56:30 Thanks to Ian
57:28 See you next week

Music by Ian Dixon


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  1. I recently got hold of a Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC and have been impressed by its media capabilities….

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