Yesterday I mentioned that there is a new service on Vista Media Center called Showtime and the fact that I couldn’t try it on the account of not being in the USA.

So its great to see ShadyMG has posted a full review on Missing Remote

As for the file-types, the quality is actually pretty healthy. They come in a variable bit-rate of around 1,200kbps, with resolution of 640×480 pixels for standard videos, and as high as 720×392 for widescreen.

The files are encoded in Windows Media Video format with some lovely DRM tied to it, and appears to vary in file size. As you’ll see later, a 2hr 35min boxing event it states is 735mb….where as a show I downloaded, the Chappelle stand-up event, was 58mins but was 592mb. Widescreen formats with the higher resolution do tend to be a little bigger as well, but I don’t have exact numbers for you.

Now let’s move on to how it works and how well.

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