I read on CEpro (via a tip from listener Dave Snaith) that HP are pulling out of the Digital Entertainment Center business. CE Pro has the details but it looks like HP will not continue building there Media Center PC’s and instead focusing its own range of TVs with media adapters built in (not Microsoft Extender technology)

This looks bad news as HP have been strong backers of Media Center since day 1, but there are plenty of others offering great Media Center PCs



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  1. On the other hand virtually every laptop they have shipped lately has been labelled an HP media center and if you look how they are designed (with for example power buttons on the front in some cases) they could make quite good home media centers

  2. Really not surprising, the “cheap as we can make it and it still work” companies are all falling out of this market because the technology we interact with so regularly has to be robust to handle the job reliably and they just don’t do that. They have misled people about companies like mine that know it has to be rock solid and can not be cheap if you want it to do what it is capable of with out issue, no one wants to “reboot the TV”.

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