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As of today I am going to be cross posting all new entries from my MediaCenterExpert blog here on the theDigitalLifeStyle.com.  Thanks Ian for setting this up.

It obviously makes sense for the blog for the Media Center Show Ask The Experts to be also hosted here however as a lot of people already link to the existing blog I intend to keep that going as well..

So a little about me I’m Garry Whittaker, Managing Director of Whittaker Moore Associates Ltd (http://www.whittakermoore.com) and a major enthusiast of all things Media Center. I was one of the first people to appear on the the MediaCenter Show with Ian and he somehow he convinced me to run the Ask the Expert section on the forums for the show. So I’ve been trying, manfully, to answer listener’s questions ever since. I’m also the author of MyRemoteMouse (www.myremotemouse.com) and the Vista Media Center Decoder utility (of which more in a moment)

I thought I’d start off by pointing out some of the posts you may have missed over on my existing blog at http://mediacenterexpert.blogspot.com/

Firstly and most importantly there is my Vista Media Center Decoder utility. This is an essential tool if you are running Vista 32 bit (sorry no 64 bit support yet) and want to try a different decoder (perhaps the Nvidia one) to the default one supplied. More details at:


I would also recommend checking out the tips section


Which includes:

Tip: A great source for dvdid.xml files

TIP: UK SKY Satellite in MCE (also TopUp-TV)

Tip: More than two tuners – Ramon Van Bruggen is a star

Quick Tip – WiFi – G Mode Only

Sort Album Art by Artist in Media Center 2005

Hopefully that is enough to keep you going.



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