Not what I had in mind for my first “real” post but I’m quite happy to say Nvidia has finally released RTM Vista drivers.  Now if they support HDCP I’ll finally be able to watch some HD DVD’s in my living room.  I’ll report back after I get a chance to install these.

x86 Vista RTM Nvidia Drivers (97.46)

x64 Vista RTM Nvidia Drivers (97.46)

2 thoughts on “Finally, Nvidia Vista RTM Drivers”
  1. Have you tried these yet, Mike? I tried installing this morning and have repeatedly gotten a Vista error that the drivers are incompatible with Age of Empires 2(!). Of course, I don’t have Age of Empires installed. Tried installing from Safe Mode and seemed to work, but the driver was still the WDM driver after reboot. I can’t these to install.

    Also, per your comment regarding my issue with audio stutter — thanks for the reply. I am using Creative’s beta drivers from their website — and I had the same problem using the onboard hi-def audio on the Gigabyte motherboard before I added the x-fi card. I also get the stutter playing the cd itself. I’m wondering if it’s something else in Vista. But thanks for the suggestion. Maybe when Creative finalizes the drivers….

  2. Hey Jeffeson,

    Yeah I’m getting the same error installing these drivers, on two different machines one x86 and one x64, looks like Nvidia didn’t test the install before releasing these.

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