Zune 3.0 fixes TV Feature Pack Zune Sync Issue

I updated my Zune software today to the new 3.0 release and I was pleased to see it has enabled syncing of recorded TV files from TV Feature Pack with the Zune. Since TV Feature Pack was installed I was unable to sync any TV shows with my Zune as…


Zune Brings Powerful New Entertainment Features to Every Zune Portable Media Player With Software Release

I have just updated my Zune to the 3.0 software and so far it’s looking good. I am impressed that Microsoft are still supporting the original Zunes with the latest OS update, I am not sure that I will play many games on my Zune but it’s nice to have…


See the winner of Microsoft’s Digital Home Makeover Competition

Back in March Microsoft announced a competition to win a digital home makeover complete with Media Center and Extenders. Microsoft have announced the winner and produced a video of the makeover. The home is now powered by Windows Media Center, Extenders, Zunes, Windows Home Server and big TVs To enter…


Zune Takes Music Discovery to the Next Level With New Ways to Find and Access Digital Music

While we still wait for integration between Zune, Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center to come Microsoft have updated the Zune with new models and new features. No details on when or if the Zune will get a UK launch:   Zune Takes Music Discovery to the Next Level…


Missing Remote on Wireless Zune Syncing

One of my favourite features of my Zune is the podcast syncing and Alan at Missing Remotes is just getting in to wireless syncing. Alan’s Tip of the day is using a dock and wireless syncing to get podcasts automatically down to the Zune. Alan is also asking for podcast…


Zune + Windows Mobile = Better Together?

It maybe a few years to late but on the Windows Mobile blog the team are asking how Windows Mobile and Zune can work together. It’s great that they are asking but I can’t help thinking that this is something that should have been done before the iPhone came out….


Microsoft announces games for Zune via XNA Studio

Does anybody want to play games on their Zune? Not sure I am that bothered about playing games on my Zune I mainly use it the car for listening to podcasts and music, but I think its great that Microsoft are opening up the platform with XNA Studio Microsoft announces…

The Digital Video Show – Zune and Media Center Recorded TV

The Digital video show is sponsored by Embedded Automation I love the new Zune update and one of my favorite features is the easy syncing of Recorded TV from Media Center. So in this video I take a look at how the feature works and what it looks like…


Suggest The Media Center Show for addition to the Zune Marketplace

If you would like to see The Media Center Show in the Zune Podcast directory please go to the Podcast section of the marketplace and click on "suggest a podcast" then copy and past the show RSS feed. It would be great to get the show in to on to…


Zune Recorded TV Sync Speed

The new Zune software syncs Recorded TV without the need for any 3rd party software, one of the question I have been asked is how long it takes to sync TV files with the Zune So I thought I would try a real world test. I picked on a movie…

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