Microsoft to invest $300 in Barnes & Noble Nook business

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble have announced a strategic partnership in a newly spun off Barnes & Nobile subsidiary which will includes the Nook eBook business. It could be a good way for Microsoft and Barnes & Noble to take on Apple and Amazon in the eBook market. Microsoft did…

Waterstones to launch e-reader

In an effort to reverse their decline in sales Waterstones are set to introduce a e-reader next year. There was a time I used to enjoy browsing books in Waterstones but times change and I do my reading on my Amazon Kindle these days as do many others. Amazon say…


HarperCollins Publishers launch THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER Enhanced eBook

   I think this is a sign of things to come with traditional paper books being morphed into rich media filled experiences on things like the iPad. It will also I think allow publishers to justify a slightly higher price for their eBooks.   From the press release:   Experience Narnia as…

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