Apple iPad, my complete U-Turn

When the iPad was announced last week I was left totally unimpressed with what I saw, it was just a large iPod Touch that had no space to fill in my life, I have an iPhone 3GS and a more than capable Toshiba Windows 7 Notebook. Now a week later…


TDL Mobile Show No.24 – Apple iPad Special

Fresh after the Apple event, Jon, Sheldon, and I got together to discuss the newly announced and now official iPad. Everyone knows the specs by now so we focus on where this device would fit in and how it can best be used. At the end of the show we…


Will the revival of the tablet mean the death of the eReader?

I was thinking while awaiting todays Apple event at what spurred companies to all of a sudden jump on the 4-10″ tablet bandwagon.  I can see there is a gap in the market between devices such as a PDA or smartphones and netbooks but tablets have been and gone before…

Apple Event – Live Coverage

TDL mobile will be covering January 27th Apple Event with live text commentary. Check back here before 6pm UK Time (10am Pacific). Rumours are all over the internet with what we will see.  It looks like a definite eagerly awaited tablet announcement but we could also see iPhone OS4 and…


TDL Mobile Show No.20

No Jon or Jose this week as other commitments (or possibly some last minute Christmas shopping eh guys :-D) means that it’s just Sheldon navigating through the weeks news.  Big news is the Google Phone (aka Nexus One) but plenty more good stuff including how to get content on a…


TDL Mobile Show No.19

This week we have a special treat for you all as Jason Coombes joins us to talk first impressions of the new highly anticipated HTC HD2.  Jason and Jose are lucky enough to get their hands on one of these devices and give some insight into what they think.  Unfortunately…


Video: Apple retail vs. Microsoft retail

I know this is not exactly digital lifestyle related but its funny perhaps highlights some hypocrisies in the Microsoft v Apple debate. As far as I know its not been created by Microsoft and just a pro Microsoft viral video. Now that must be a first! via


TDL Mobile Show No.18

Welcome back to show 18 of TDL Mobile.  This week unfortunately Jose could not make it but Jon and Sheldon bring you the latest news from the mobile space including the delayed Nook, some news on the HTC HD2 and first leaked pictures of a new HTC device, as well…


Apple to Release Connected TV, DVR?

Could this be a push that Microsoft needs to get some focus back on to Media Center? CE Pro are reporting that Apple may be releasing a connected TV that includes a DVR, home media functions and syncing with iPods. "The device would push Apple further into the digital living…

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