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Hello All As of today I am going to be cross posting all new entries from my MediaCenterExpert blog here on the  Thanks Ian for setting this up. It obviously makes sense for the blog for the Media Center Show Ask The Experts to be also hosted here however as a lot…


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The Windows Media Center Show #94: Media Center Extenders with Mark Pendergrast The Windows Media Center Show #95: Rathe Hollingum


Windows Live for TV Beta is live

I blogged about Windows Live for TV a while ago and its now available for download. I have been playing with it and it quite nice to be able to view Live Spaces from Media Center. Its great to be able to have Windows Live Messenger working on it. It’s…


Using Windows Home Server (Part 1)

So I got my Windows Home Server setup and I thought I would give my first thoughts. First off I bought a small form factor PC with a 160gb drive in and added a 500gb SATA drive. This is my box: it’s a Biostart with AMD Sempron 3400 with 1gb of…


What are the pros and cons on going from MCE2005 to Vista?

An interesting thread has been posted on forums: Compare MCE 2005 to Vista Home Pro The poster was considering upgrading from MCE2005 to Vista and asked "What are some Pro’s and Con’s for upgrading to Vista on my Media PC? " My first thoughts were: Stability Stability (so important I…

Sidebar Gadget for Windows Media Center!

Last week I was complaining about that lack of Sidebar gadgets for Windows Media Center. Well Doug Berrett has filled the void with the Vista Sidebar Gadget for Webguide. Its a great gadget that sits in the Sidebar and can display the guide, recordings and scheduled recordings, and the best…


Installing Windows Home Server

I have been planning to do a post on using Windows Home Server but not had the time to write it up yet. So I was pleased to see a post on building a Windows Home Server. The post details the steps taken in setting up the server and has lots…


AnyDVD HD Beta

Looks like the folks over at Slysoft have taken advantage of the newly discovered HD DVD processing key to enable AnyDVD to now be able to backup HD DVD.  I’ve not tried this personally but use their regular AnyDVD software and it works quite well, if this works as good…


Reports of problems with new HP Pavilion Vista PC’s and Windows Media Center Extenders

A user on the forums on reported a problem with a brand new HP Pavilion M7775 running Windows Vista Home Premium and Media Center Extender sessions crashing. The user did all the usual stuff, checked network connections, firewall and AV software but it still kept crashing. It turns out…


The Windows Media Center Show No.95 Rathe Hollingum (Microsoft European Development Center)

The Media Center Show #95 Rathe Hollingum (Microsoft European Development Center) The Media Center Show #95 (MP3 – 18.4mb-  53mins 36secs)by Ian Dixon LISTEN HERE This week on the show I am taking to Rathe Hollingum a Microsoft developer from the European development center in Ireland. We are going to…

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