Anybody having problems with the Media Center update?

There are a few reports (most coming from the same source) that some people are having problems with the latest Media Center update (February Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista). I have not had any issues, have you? Technorati Tags: windows media center,updates  

HP’s New UMPC 2133

Oh more gadget lust. I am a sucker for the small UMPC form factor and a big fan of HP’s products (even if the catch broke on HP 2710p) so I was interested to read about HP’s new UMPC the 2133. It comes with a 8.9 inch screen (1366×766 WGA…


Toshiba drops out of HD DVD war

Sad day for HD-DVD owners and for consumers in general as Toshiba kills HD-DVD. While it’s good that the format war is over I can’t help thinking that HD-DVD was more consumer focused (think Managed Copy). I say forget physical disks and go with digital downloads BBC NEWS | Business…


Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Community page gets updated

Microsoft have updated the community page that focuses on Windows Media Center. There are videos on Media Center taken from Channel 10 and links to community site including It’s a great honour to be including along with The Green Button, Chris Lanier’s blog, Missing Remote and and Ed Bott’s…


S1Digital on Channel 10

S1Digital have been featured on [TMCS] a few times now with Paul Heitlinger on the show a couple of weeks ago. Channel 10 caught up with Paul at CES and have posted the video interview. As well as a background on S1digital Paul talks about his hi end solutions  …


mcePicasa (Picasa Web Album Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Application)

mcePicasa is a open source project (on codeplex) for viewing Picasa images in Media Center. Written in MCML (Media Center Markup Language) means it’s a native Vista Media Center application with all the richness that offers. Plus being open source source you can dive in to the source code, take…


Niveus drop HD-DVD for Blu-ray

Another nail in the HD-DVD coffin? Niveus have added support for Blu-ray Disc playback and to cease production of HD DVD-based servers. BLU-RAY NOW AVAILABLE ON NIVEUS MEDIA SERVERS Customer demand and format war influences Niveus to add support for Blu-ray Disc playback and to cease production of HD DVD-based…


Niveus update Storage Server

Maybe if I blog enough about Niveus they will send me a nice new Denali Edition, maybe not. Niveus have added the Niveus Storage Server Pro to their product range, with 4TB of storage. Have a look at my CES video to see the Storage Server. It’s a slim but…

The Media Center Show No.144 – The Awards Show!

LISTEN HERE It’s The Media Center Show Awards! Recorded and streamed live last Wednesday, the aim of the awards was to highlight the great work done by the Media Center developer community.  Joining me are special guest from the community and listeners in the chat room. I also read out…


Disney Revives ‘House of the Future’ with Media Center

I hadn’t seen the 50’s "Home of the future" at Disney but they are going to create a modern home of future at Disney based on Media Center, HP and Life|Ware. Disney, Microsoft, HP and LifeWare spent over $15 million on hardware and software for the home. It looks very…

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