Pictures from CES

The CES picture gallery is online on the Media Center Show Community site, see Windows Home Server, Cablecard, Sideshow, Bill Gates and lots of Media Center If you have a Media Center releated CES picture you want hosting, just send it to me. CES Photo Gallery


Back from CES

Well I made it back From CES. It been a hetic week , it was fantastic to meet up with the community guys and the other Media Center MVPs Hello to Barb Bowman, Steven Hughes, Richard Miller, Jason Dunn, Mark Salloway and all the others I met a the lab I…


Goodbye Vegas

Its been a great experience at CES and the Vista lab. I have got a nice collection of videos, pictures and audio for the show. The hightlight was meeting Bill Gates and seeing him at the keynote. Seeing the great Media Center setups on the show floor and the new…


Down at Microsoft’s Booth

I will be down around Microsoft’s booth for most of the day today. So if your around at CES say hello!  


Sights in the CES Partner Pavilion

Today I visited the Microsoft Partner Pavilion (and met Bill Gates) and the most interesting items for me were the Media Center demos The most interesting element was the new Media Center items: Fox Sports and Vongo The sports addin is an amazing example of the power of Media Center…


Digital Cable Tuners

Robert McLaws over on windows-now has posted info on the renaming of the OCUR cable card boxes to Digital Cable Tuners He got sent a review unit and has a great set of pictures of the new units I will be getting some interviews on this while at CES, listen to my interview…


I Just Met Bill Gates

Just met Bill Gates! Yes it true, as part of the Vista labs I am on at CES with Microsoft we whent on a trip to the Microsoft partner paviloin showing partner invovation. While we were there Bill Gates turned up and got to chat with him for a while….

How To: Share Recorded TV with other Media Centers

  I see a lot of questions in the Media Center newsgroups and forums asking how to access recorded TV from another Media Center in the house.  This is fairly easy to accomplish.  In this entry I’ll walk you through it in Vista; XP is almost the same except for…


Finally, Nvidia Vista RTM Drivers

Not what I had in mind for my first “real” post but I’m quite happy to say Nvidia has finally released RTM Vista drivers.  Now if they support HDCP I’ll finally be able to watch some HD DVD’s in my living room.  I’ll report back after I get a chance…


The Media Center Show No.89 – Catch Up

The Media Center Show #89(MP3 – 4.83.0mb- 14mins 07secs) by Ian Dixon LISTEN HERE This is a short catch up show before I leave for CES in Las Vegas, I round up some of the news items from the Christmas break and talk about the new Media Center Show Communitiy site. There is…

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