Icehouse Beer Media Center Jukebox

CE Pro have pictures of MCE Integration‘s Icehouse Media Center Jukebox, its a jukebox, a beer cooler and a Media Center PC. Checkout the pictures on CE Pro and MCE Integration’s Jason Alinen will be returning to the show in a couple of months


Gadget Blogger Wanted

As part of blogs I am looking for a blogger to do a gadget type blog. There are so many great gadgets out there and would love to have someone blogging about them in relation to Media Center and the digital lifestyle. I know there are loads of options…


Coming up on two years of podcasting!

Coming up next month will be the 2nd Birthday of my podcast and the 100th show. As I have hinted I am going to changing a couple of things around to take the show forward but will still be focusing on Windows Media Center.  The changes are coming in March…


Get Windows Home Server Beta 2

According to the Windows Home Server Blog you can get hold of Beta 2 now. So if you want to start beta testing the software you can register HERE People that are interested in participating in Beta 2 can register here so we have their names as we steadily expand the…

BitTorrent Media Center Application

Chris Lanier has details of a new plug in for the Vista edition of Windows Media Center. It’s a BitTorrent application written in Media Center Markup Language so you get the great look and feel of a Vista Media Center application. It sounds like its early day of the development…


I want a Windows Media Center Gadget for the Vista Sidebar

One gadget that is really missing from the Windows Sidebar in Vista is a Windows Media Center Gadget. I am always checking what I have set to record, what has recently recorded and whether Media Center is recording at the moment and it would be great if there was a…


First Windows Media Center Tip – How to transfer Series recording from one PC to another

To kick of the tips forum I have posted details on how to use mceBackup 2.0 to transfer Media Center TV series recording from one PC to another. This is the method I used when reinstalling my main Media Center PC with Windows Vista a couple of weeks ago. How…


Share you top Windows Media Center tips

As there are going to be lots people using Media Center for the first time when they get Windows Vista I thought it would be a good idea to share our top tips with the new users. It could be anything, from how to share recorded TV to picture settings. Anything…


Tip on putting TV shows on to a Zune

The Zune players look nice and I wish I had chance to pick one up while I was at CES, one thing I did notice was that they can’t play recorded TV files from Media Center. Over at The wow blog on the hive there is a nice post on…


Sky to launch new DTT service – Could it work with Media Center?

Sky announced today that they will be offering Premium subscription channels on Digital Terrestrial (DVB-T) in the UK. This will include content like sports, movies and Premiership Football. So this got me thinking, if Sky is available over DVB-T then it should be possible to get a decoder unit for…

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