Best price quality computer speakers

Budget computer Speakers for Less Than $50

Pebble Creative V3 ($40)
Advantages: Small design
Disadvantages: Bass has no dimension

Best Computer Speakers for Less Than $50
Bluetooth: Yes
3.5mm and USB inputs
4.8″ x 4.7″ x 4.6″ Dimensions


Creative maintained the title of finest budget option with the third version of their Pebble speaker. The Pebble V3 adds Bluetooth 5.0, which means clear wireless sound, as well as a USB port. That was not the case with the prior round of speakers. The final result is fantastic: a simple, practical arrangement that combines useful functions with excellent sound. We don’t believe you’ll find a better deal for less than $50. Speakers with similar price tags, such as the Logitech Z130, can’t match in terms of features or sound quality.


The Creative Pebble V3 has only one flaw, and that is the bass. The drivers are relatively small, measuring 2.25 inches in diameter, and produce very little extra dimension. As a result, the bass can be lacking at times, effecting the listening experience. If you plan on keeping them close by, such as on either side of a laptop, this will be less of an issue. Try A2+ wireless audioengine speakers below if you want something with a little more bass.

High-End Computer Speakers at Their Finest
A2+ Wireless Audioengine ($269)
Advantage: Surprisingly good audio and durable construction in a compact package.
Disadvantage: The strange design choices and the lack of a remote control.

Yes, Bluetooth is available.
3.5mm, Aux, and USB inputs
6″ x 5.3″ x 4″ Dimensions


The Audioengine A2+ Wireless are outstanding. The sound quality of a truly high-end speaker must be incomparable, and only a few do it better than the A2+. The audio is excellent to play games, listen to music, comparing casino bonuses and its sounds, or watch YouTube videos. It’s lush and profound, with a wealth of definition, and it has a subwoofer output for yet more bass. The A2+ most surprising characteristic, though, is how little they are. They’re just a smidgeon bigger than the small Creative Pebble V3 shown above, which is quite a success.

Weird design
All of this praise isn’t meant to imply that the A2+ Wireless is flawless. They sound fantastic, but there are a few odd design decisions. One speaker, for example, has a volume control on the back. There is also no remote control, so you won’t be able to solve the problem that way. It’s an odd pick, but the Audioengine A2+ are a fantastic pair of high-end computer speakers in general.


There you have it, hopefully this article helped you to make a choice whether you are interested in the budget option or you wish more quality. For me personally; speakers need a deep bass and preferably a remote control. There is nothing more annoying than having to listen to commercials on YouTube while you are on the other side of the house and can’t access the speakers.


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