Most Revolutionary iPhone Changes Overtime

Most Revolutionary iPhone Changes Overtime

Since the release of the iPhone back in 2007, it has taken over the industry as the market leader for all the smartphones. You can’t go anywhere these days without noticing someone with an iPhone – in fact Apple are now reporting that there are over 1 billion active iPhones in circulation right now! However, they have only been able to stay at the top of the tree due to them evolving at the rate they have been and below we look at the some of the most revolutionary changes that kept the iPhone at the forefront of the smartphone industry.

First of all, when the initial iPhone was brought out, it didn’t have access to the internet and was potentially not classed as a smartphone, but when the iPhone 3GS was brought out, this is when the motion towards the iPhone really started. This gave access to the internet within seconds and brought out the idea of the App Store which allowed for iPhone users to download apps of any genre that they please to use. If Apple hadn’t have discovered this, then would they have had the success that they are receiving today, who knows.

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The next feature released on an iPhone in which we thought has been a crucial factor to its success has been the introduction of Face ID which ensured that the front of an iPhone became 100% screen. The benefits to Face ID is that it gave a certain level of security to the iPhone because the only way to unlock it would be through your unique face. Not only this, but Face ID could be added to a whole selection of features on the iPhone including opening up certain apps, downloading things or even making purchases online – can you imagine an iPhone without Face ID now?

And last but not least, the camera on the iPhone has also ensured that it has become the most purchased smartphone of our generation. Gone are the days now of owning a DSLR camera and having to transfer them onto your computer to be able to print and share them with your friends when you can own a smartphone now which delivers some of the best quality photos that you could imagine – very impressive.


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