4 Useful Tools Your Company Should Use to Manage Multiple Projects

4 Useful Tools Your Company Should Use to Manage Multiple Projects

When it comes to your company, you want to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as there will always be delays and unexpected issues. With the current pandemic and people working from home, this became even harder, as now your employees are not even at the office. While it is a challenging time, there are plenty of tools online that your company can use to manage multiple projects. These will make it easy for your company to find new work, complete it, and submit it. This is especially important if people are going to be working together remotely.

Here are 4 useful tools your company should use to manage multiple projects.

1. Job Sheet Software

The first thing you are going to have to do with your company is finding a way to assign jobs out to your workers. A good piece of software can generate job sheets online and then allow them to be seen by your workers. The amazing part about this software is that there is plenty of versatility when it comes to these job sheets and the customers can even use them. With the right software, the sheets will automatically generate online, and then they can be brought to the customer who can then also sign them virtually. For more intense jobs with multiple steps, you can create checklists so your workers know what exactly they have to do. Your customer will also get a copy so they can verify the work that is being done as well.

When looking for job sheet software, you should look for one that also has a mobile app. If you are an engineering company for example and are responsible for sending engineers to job sites, they probably won’t be able to bring a laptop or computer with them. Having a mobile app means they can easily access the job sheet and see exactly what is needed. Along with that, these apps can contain the customer’s information along with GPS directions ensuring there is no confusion with locations. Built-in employee tracking also helps to ensure that your workers stay productive and that they remain on site. Getting a good job sheet software can really help your company when it has to manage multiple projects.

2. Meeting Software

The next tool you should look to use for your company is one that will allow your team to connect with your client’s team. Pieces of software like Project.co for example use this and are highly useful due to this. While it cannot schedule and generate job sheets like other pieces of software, with the click of a button you can quickly open up a discussion feed for each and every project that can alert everyone who is a part of it.

Having the ability to quickly authorize and accept payments through the software is useful as well as you want to make the whole customer experience as easy as possible, especially in this virtual day and age. From there, you can look to customize the feeds to show the information that you deem important to each team. This can help eliminate a ton of clutter and only show workers what is going to be useful for them. If you want to ensure your clients stay happy, investing in a piece of meeting and communication software can help.

3. Job Priority Software

Does your company allow employees to choose which projects they are going to work on? Giving employees the option to choose where they are going to work is a great way to keep them motivated and happy. The one downside however is that employees can quickly forget about previous projects or not dedicate themself to a major project that has to be completed. To get around this, you can look to utilize job and project priority software. This software will list all the current projects that your company has undertaken along with their priority.

Once your employees have access to it, they can see what projects need to be completed and which ones have to be done as soon as possible. If there are issues with finding enough manpower to complete a high-priority project, you can also manually assign people to it. These types of software are great because it not only allows your employees freedom to work on what they want but it also shows them what has to be finished and completed also.

4. Communication Software

Communication is a major point in the workplace, especially if you are working with large projects that require multiple teams to complete. You must always know what each team is doing so you can tackle and address any issues as they come up. If people are in the office, nothing is really needed as people can easily meet in the room to work and discuss things. If you are out in the field or working virtually, however, you are going to need something that can allow for better communication. While pieces of software like Zoom have become extremely popular, they can be difficult to set-up and are only good for meetings.

If you want something you are going to use while working, you are going to want to turn to a message board style. This can allow people to work without any major distractions from a video and audio call, but also easily be able to share and communicate their progress with the rest of the group. Online calendars can also show major deadlines and upcoming projects as well. Having a piece of software that can allow all of your employees to communicate with each other easily is vital if you plan on taking on multiple projects.

These are all pieces of software you should consider looking into. There are going to be hundreds of different types of software to choose from for each category, it is up to you to do your research and find out what is best suited for you and your team. Trying out free versions of software before purchasing it is a great way to test it out and see its limitations. The last thing you want to do is buy a license for an expensive piece of software that you have no use for. How do you plan on managing multiple projects within the company?


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