The Top 5 Digital Nomad Must-Haves of 2021

Tired of being stuck indoors all the time and looking forward to getting out a bit?

For many people, 2020 was a complete write-off when it came to their plans to go fully digital nomad, but with the coronavirus vaccine on the horizon, there is a renewed hope that the nomadic lifestyle favored by digital loving millennials will be a possibility again soon.

Trading In And Trading Up

If you are looking to get into the digital nomad lifestyle in 2021, there are a few essentials that you should be considering for your trips, especially when it comes to digital nomad gadgets.

A Decent Laptop

Everyone has their preference when it comes to brand and operating system, but if you are going to be picking up a new laptop, it is worth looking at specs over the brand.

Get a laptop that can handle every task you need to throw at it, whether that is browsing the web and doing some content writing or expecting your laptop to work as a full media suite for creating epic travel videos. Buy right the first time.

A Good Power Bank

A good power bank is a must for the traveling digital nomad, and this really needs some careful consideration.

There are many different sizes and styles on the market, but you should be going for one that is bigger than you expect to use. If the average smartphone battery is around 4000mAh, a power bank that is only 2000mAh will not give you much charge, but a 20,000mAh bank will be perfect.

Also consider whether or not your power bank can charge your laptop, as this could be vital in a pinch.

Wireless Earbuds

No one likes that person on the train or the plane who is listening to their music or watching a movie on their phone without earphones. It is rude and inconsiderate, and it is likely to get them horrible stares at best and in trouble at worst.

Do not be that person and pick up a set of wireless earbuds. They do not have to be expensive, but a decent pair of Bluetooth earbuds will be a godsend in so many situations.

A Paper Notebook

Sure, you may have decided to go ‘paperless’ for your travels, preferring to keep your travel diary on a blog and everything else on a thumb drive, but there are so many times when a real paper notebook can come in handy that it is worth packing one (with a pen).

Even if you only ever use it for writing down directions or translations for things, you should have a small notepad on your person at all times.

A Multi-Country Power Strip

One of the most frustrating parts of being a digital nomad is the need to be near a power outlet as often as possible. An added frustration when different countries use different types of plugs!

Pick up a multi-country power outlet strip and a universal converter plug. This will solve most of your problems and give you an extra few outlets when you find that one rare empty outlet in the Youth Hostel.


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