Technology In The Future Of Gambling

Technology In The Future Of Gambling

We’ve spent more time at home and online in recent months, so there’s no surprise that the online world is expanding and we’re seeing new online casinos popping up.

Gambling moves into the digital world with casinos, including digital machines on their floors, and creates tables for users to join in from their tablets and smartphones. With the inevitable take-over of technology, it’s a good thing casinos are embracing technology in this way.

We’re starting to see more and more moves towards a gambling world that revolves around technology. Here are a few exciting and surprising changes in the world of casinos and on-line gambling, thanks to technology’s influence.

Mobile Platforms

Perhaps one of the most popular and apparent routes the world of gambling has taken involves mobile phones. Portable, convenient and extremely easy! Being able to gamble on your phone will allow you to access your slot machines and tables from anywhere in the world. You can play using real money and skip the slow loading times a desktop always puts you through.

Games are available in 2 modes, app and browser. The app version tends to be more sophisticated and better developed. Still, the most well-known and reputable casinos tend to have developed excellent platforms for those taking the browser route. With very few hiccups and sites that look almost the same as they do on the desktop, this option is a no-brainer for gambling fans!

Virtual Reality Slots

VR slots are still an exciting idea that’s evolving, the future of slot machines appears uncertain, some industry experts forecast that soon they’ll be gone! We’ve seen more and more casino owners looking into the possibility of virtual reality slot machines that create fun and interactive play for anyone using it.

Live Dealers

For this, to work you have to have a stable internet connection, and some money, of course! You will be able to ‘sit’ at a live dealer table and choose some online experiences. From 3D roulette to lucky numbers and dual play, the floor is yours.

You have Entertainment Gaming (EG) to thank for all this development. EG are behind elements like the lucky numbers in roulette. Now they’ve done away with including inside/outside bets, included random numbers from 1-5 in every round – excellent tactics!

Dual Play will allow players to play against other gamblers all from their own homes. It’s brilliant, it’s the future, and it means you can do it from the comfort of your sofa. That’s a win, win if ever we’ve heard of one.

Enhances Security

You may be wondering how they will make online gambling a safe place to play? With the amount of fraud and scams going on out there, it is understandably a massive worry for many. But with the new AI camera technology that online casinos are taking advantage of, casinos will be able to track, trace and deal with any suspicious movements or behaviour going on behind your screen.

There are some rumours that facial recognition and smart camera safety might be introduced into the industry soon: requiring users to register and log in safely whenever they wish to participate in a game. Smart cameras will create a safer and more secure environment for all and help give people peace of mind when playing. Great News!

Online Bingo and Poker

Possibly the easiest and simplest forms of gambling to have made the transition onto the online platform are Bingo and Poker. These flexible games allow players the freedom to play whenever and wherever. With countless numbers of players worldwide, these two forms of gambling have great potential for both fun and community spirit.

Take Away

So it looks like online gambling is heading down a right road and we’re very excited to see where it all leads. There’s no doubt in our mind that what the future holds for gambling is a world of technology and online platforms that are easy to access and use.

We’ll start to see more players joining the community, becoming regulars and feeling at home; making the casino industry a more appreciated and friendly place for many to hang out in their spare time. That has to be a good thing!


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