How to reset your Windows 10 PC

How to reset your Windows 10 PC

If you are having problems with your Windows 10 machine and you can’t find a way to fix it, Microsoft have a reset toll in Windows 10. It could be you want to wipe your machine before passing it on to another user or want a clean start. The PC reset option will remove all your application and leave you with a clean installation of Windows.

Warning! Following this guild will reset your PC and will remove all your applications. There is also an option to remove all your personal files so be careful and make sure you have a backup of your files!

Resetting your Windows 10 PC

  • Go to Settings, Windows Update, Recovery
  • Click on Getting started under Reset this PC
  • Select either Keep my files or Remove everything. If you select Keep my files, Windows will remove all your apps but leave your photos and documents. If you select Remove everything, all your apps and file will be removed.
  • Next select Cloud download or Local reinstall. Cloud download will download the files over the internet, local will use the files on your PC. If you have good bandwidth I would suggest using the cloud files as this brings down a clean set of install files from Microsoft.
  • Click Next and the process will start.
  • After a reboot you should be able to log back in to your PC

Don’t forget your apps will be removed and your files may be removed so make sure you have a backup.

How to reset your Windows 10 PC video demo


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