Video: Monitor your greenhouse with a smart hygrometer/thermometer

Video: Monitor your greenhouse with a smart hygrometer/thermometer

In this video I setup and testing a Govee Wi-Fi thermo-hygrometer (H5051)

Having recently setup up a greenhouse I wanted a way of monitoring the temperature without resorting to an old fashioned thermometer on the wall. So I opted for a Wi-Fi enabled device that monitors the temperature and humidity and have all the details sent back to my phone. I also wanted to have an LCD display in the greenhouse displaying the current temperature so I am not totally dependent on my phone.

The Govee device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, comes with mounting kit and three AAA batteries.

To get started you use Bluetooth to send over your home’s Wi-Fi setup to the device and then you can view the current temperature and humidity along with historical details. You can setup low and high alerts and export the data to a CSV file.

As you can see in the video, it’s simple to get and use and the Wi-Fi reception is good. So far the only issue I can see with it is that you can’t link the device to a 3rd party service like IFTTT which you could use to trigger a device like a heater or fan, so if you get an alert it is down to you to act on it.

The Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor costs £42.99 on Amazon.


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