Windows 10 turns 5 today

Windows 10 turns 5 today

Today (July 29th) is the fifth anniversary of the public launch of Windows 10. Back on 29th July 2015 Windows 10 was officially released via the Get Windows 10 tool.

Windows 8 users could register to get the update beforehand and then the update was ready to apply on the 29th. Windows 7 and 8.1 users were given Windows 10 as a free upgrade for the first year. On the 29th Microsoft had launch events across the world, I attended the London one where Microsoft showcased the various uses of Windows 10, it was a fun event and the type of event I miss.

Windows 10 introduced Windows as a Service with continuous updates to the OS. We had the first update in November 2015 and have had twice yearly updates to the OS since then. We have seen Windows 10S come and go, the development of Windows 10X and hundreds of Windows Insider builds. I have record over 200 hands on videos with Windows 10 with some very minor changes and some more significant.

Back in March Microsoft announced that Windows 10 had hit 1 billion monthly active devices, something they were aiming to hit in 2017 but the failure of its mobile strategy meant that it took a few more years to hit the mark.

What will next five years bring for Windows 10?


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