Earn 4 Certifications by Taking Cisco 350-401 Exam with Exam Dumps

Earn 4 Certifications by Taking Cisco 350-401 Exam with Exam Dumps

Cisco Credentials

Cisco is a renowned organization that produces various IT badges. They fall into the Collaboration, Data Center, DevNet, Enterprise, Security, and Service Provider tracks so the vendor has categorized them into several levels as follows: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect.

To earn these certifications, you are required to pass a minimum of one exam. While most of the tests serve one credential each, there are some, like 350-401 assessment, that account for more than one badge. So let’s discuss more the Cisco CCIE 350-401 ENCOR Real Questions .

Cisco 350-401: All Facts You Need to Know

Exam 350-401 lasts 120 minutes and will test your skills related mainly to the topics listed below:

  • Dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture;
  • Virtualization;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Network assurance;
  • Security;
  • Automation.

However, you must be aware that questions in the main test will not be strictly limited to these domains only. If to speak about the enrollment for this Cisco assessment, you can register for it by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in or sign up to your Pearson VUE account.
  2. Click on Proctored Exams and type in the exam number, which is 350-401 in this case.
  3. Work according to the instructions that follow.

Continue reading to discover what certifications require 350-401 and how you can prepare for it.

What Credentials Can You Get by Taking the Cisco 350-401 Exam?

As mentioned earlier, there are several badges that require you to pass assessment 350-401. In fact, there are four of them:

  • CCNP Enterprise

    The CCNP Enterprise certification authenticates your proficiency in providing enterprise networking solutions. To earn this credential, you have to pass two tests:

    • Core exam, which is visit Cisco CCNA Practice Test – 350-401 ENCOR – CCNP Enterprise CCIE Exam Questions .
    • Concentration assessment, which you must choose from the following:
      • 300-410: Enterprise Advanced Routing and Service Usage;
      • 300-415: SD-WAN Solution Implementation;
      • 300-420: Enterprise Network Design;
      • 300-425: Enterprise Wireless Network Design;
      • 300-430: Enterprise Wireless Network Utilizing;
      • 300-435: Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solution Deployment.
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

    This certification proves your skill in producing comprehensive enterprise infrastructure solutions. If you want to get yourself CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certified, you have to sit for two tests too. The first assessment will be the Cisco 350-401 and the second one will be the CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam which will be replaced by the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 hands-on lab test on April 27, 2020.

  • CCIE Enterprise Wireless

    The CCIE Enterprise Wireless badge acts as verification for your ability to produce concise enterprise wireless solutions. Just as with the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure credential you have to pass qualifying and practical exams. The qualifying one is 350-401 and the practical one is the CCIE Wireless v3.1 assessment which will be replaced by the CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0 on visit certbolt.com .

  • Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core

    This is a specialist badge offered by the vendor which you can earn by simply passing 350-401 exam.

Preparing for the Cisco 350-401

As Cisco is a very popular IT certification vendor, their exams can be pretty tough and competitive. If you want to ace them, you have to prepare at your level best. Now, some of you may give up after hearing that the tests can be tough, but that would only make you miss out on a lot of perks that can boost your career in IT. So stop being a sore loser and listen to what we’re about to tell you next. There are many options you can use to prepare for 350-401. Some of the most recommended ones are:

  • Official Cisco training

    The vendor offers the Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) training course that will cover the required syllabus for you. It is much encouraged that you follow this course as it is provided by the badge provider itself and they know what’s best for their candidates.

  • Books

    You can find a couple of 350-401 books written by professionals in the field. While some of them give you comprehensive knowledge of the theories, others prepare you for the exam itself. You can purchase these books from sites like Amazon or Cisco Press.

  • Videos

    Watching videos is a great way to quickly understand even the most complex concepts. And it has also been proven that it’s easier to remember and recall video content than that of textbooks. You can find tens and hundreds of tutorial videos for the concepts that the Cisco 350-401 deals with on sites like YouTube or Exam-labs, ExamSnap.

  • Exam-labs

    Exam-labs.com is a site that offers reliable exam dumps for various IT assessments including 350-401. As they contain the most valid and updated exam questions you can use them to get a good idea about the format of the upcoming test and also check your knowledge. Free dumps are the best way to practice for test 350-401 and reinforce your knowledge. In addition to them, Exam-labs.com also offers the 350-401 Premium Bundle that contains 102 questions and answers that were expert-validated and a study guide that you can purchase for just $54.98. However, braindumps from this online platform go in the ete format so you are recommended to install the ETE Exam Simulator on your PC or mobile device that will mimic the real setting of the actual assessment.


Passing the Cisco 350-401 exam opens up many enterprise certification options for you to pursue. The ideal way to prepare for this assessment is by making the best use of Exam-labs.com’s exam dumps and other recommended resources. So if you make the right choices and give it your best effort, acing this test will be a piece of cake.



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