Technology Improving Healthcare Services

Today technology has overtaken almost everything be it from calculator to self-driving cars. We are much more dependant on tech than ever before. As every industry has adapt to tech environment healthcare is no exception and it has improved healthcare services by far.

One can see impact of technology in healthcare right from minute they enter in hospitals. Doctors and nurses don’t need those check-in sheets any more the just enter all the check up details in those check in kiosks. It enables great privacy about patients as well as all the entries are well documented on servers as they are connected. So, Data can be avail at one click anytime one want for reference. It saves them lot of productive time. This little technology saved paper cost, time and most important document management effort.

There are variety of tech devices are now in use of diagnostic process. People now using internet to check for their symptoms. There are various Apps for booking appointment or even consult online with doctors like Practo. Also cloud services found to be very useful Medical personnel in rural or under developed parts as they can carry light weight devices and access patient data from cloud.

Social media platforms have enabled Physicians, Hospitals and clinics to make their presence feel. All the reviews on these platform helps patients to narrow down their specific Doctor as per need.

As technology getting more involved its benefits are also appearing. Now these both are directly proportional to each other. Better the technology better the healthcare.

There was time when it used to take weeks to get medical testing result it has changed dramatically now; we get result within few hours. Those Medical records can be stored in digital format which has save tremendous paperwork and big storage spaces. All data can be found in single system or centralised data devices. As data is stored and can be found in one click it helps in study of pattern of any disease. It helps a lot in research for vaccines or medicines.

In 2015 healthcare IT market was reached the valuation of $125 billion which by 2022 expected to reach approx. $300 billion with 13.2% CAGR. Many developed countries have integrated technologies in healthcare to developed better healthcare services.

WHO is seeking global experts to help Organisations turn into digitalization. WHO’s Director Bernardo Mariano quoted “Digital technologies can play a powerful role in improving the health of people worldwide.
WHO’s goal is to ensure digital technologies for health are safe and that proven tools reach everyone, everywhere,” he also added. “Digital health can help expand primary health care, allow health workers to fight resurgent or new diseases and ensure people can benefit from the transformation in digital health. What we call ‘digital health’ today will be, in future, known simply as the way we deliver health services in the digital age.”.

Earlier in 2019 WHO has established their first ever Digital Health Department to explore and improve technology of digital health.


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