Ways Fans Can Cover All Aspects of the NFL on Their Mobile

Ways Fans Can Cover All Aspects of the NFL on Their Mobile

There was a time when all there was to following the football was to either tune in on the wireless or to head to your local stadium. How things have changed. Now fans of the NFL and college football alike can cram their every waking second with stats, news, highlights, updates, hot takes, opinion, chat rooms, forums… it goes on and on and on.

Who knows at what point the general populous will throw a red flag on all the often pointless content and data being launched at them, but for now here are the ways the NFL is getting itself to your eyes and ears via your mobile phone.

Staying Updated

To be a true fan these days its not enough to know the names of the players on your team and to have some stock stories of past games, now you need to be an in-game analyst.

Some of the best places to stay afloat in this avalanche of data is using sites and apps that collate all the data for you, so even if you fancy making an NFL bet, you can rest assured you made the correct call. The NFL Now app as well as the Bleacher Report app should have you covered for all your other tracking needs.


For the first time Verizon have allowed fans to watch NFL playoff games via a platform they don’t control, with the Yahoo Sports app making waves in NFL fan circles. If you have deep pockets and really don’t wish to miss a minute of action then you’ll have to fork out for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Fantasy Football

What started out as people picking names out of a hat and then seeing who brought home the bacon has now turned into big business, with fantasy leagues and their mobile apps popping up everywhere. Although the NFL have their own official fantasy league there are also the likes of ESPN and CBS providing alternatives.

Such are the popularity of fantasy leagues that there are even now apps specially designed to help players build the best make-believe teams they can, with apps such as Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit and Fantasy Football Draft Wizard leading the way.


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