Top 5 Money-Making Side Hustles

Many people want to make money as well as having their full-time income, and it’s understandable that those more entrepreneurial in our society take the lead and use their skills to make more money where possible. There are countless side hustles you can try, especially if you’re tech-savvy and can charge people for a service. With that being said, individuals making money from a side hustle isn’t anything new either. People have been passively making money from side hustles for a long time.

Are you interested in how to make money from a side hustle? We’ve listed the top side hustles you should try. Some of these side hustles require you to put an initial cash investment into them, whereas others only require a little hard work and your time.

  1. Freelance writing

Passionate writers out there should rejoice with others over their love for writing and making money from writing too. Freelance writing is growing in popularity, with people taking more time to learn how to write content for websites with SEO and online practices in mind. Not only does it mean that you can make money from something you love doing, but it also means you can truly utilise your skills outside of your day job.

For many people, freelance writing becomes their full-time venture too, especially if you find regular clients who are able to pay you. Anyone who is curious about getting into the freelance industry but doesn’t know how should check out websites like Upwork and Freelancer for the latest job opportunities.

  1. Dog walking

Any animal lover would love the opportunity to walk dogs in their spare time. There isn’t a lot of money to be made as people are only willing to go up to a certain amount for their dogs. However, if you’re able to advertise yourself as a premium dog walker, people might be willing to pay more for your services. Dog walking is something that those in full-time employment or those who work long shifts do need so if you only work part-time or you’re a student, this could be an ideal side hustle for you.

  1. Property investment

One of the longest-standing investment types has to be property, and there are a countless number of investors who swear by property since it is a lot more stable and secure than stocks and shares. However, in order to make this side hustle successful, you have to know where the best places to invest are. The likes of RWinvest suggest northern city centres are the most profitable areas for those looking at new builds or off-plan properties since they have a high demand and also good rental yields too. Be sure to do extensive research before handing any money over and ensure your investment is as lucrative as possible.

  1. Blogging

You may be surprised to find out that you can actually make a lot of money blogging as a side hustle. It doesn’t take up a large amount of time, but if you become successful, it can be a lucrative and easy way to make some extra cash. Google ads on your website/blog along with high amounts of traffic can equal better payouts which is great if you want some money. However, if you want to blog and make money from it, it may be worth taking a course on it first and getting familiar with how the blogging platforms work. Doing so will give you the best chance of being successful at making money online.

  1. Sell items on eBay

Hoarders out there can rejoice over this side hustle idea. Selling items on eBay is becoming a popular way to raise more money, especially for people who have a range of different items and clothing just sitting in their wardrobe. It’s relatively low maintenance when compared to other side hustles, but you can still make a large amount of money from it.


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