How Digital Technology Can Save Your Business Money: A Guide

Business is not only about earning money, but about the best ways to save money, too. Cutting costs should always be the focus of a business, and every penny saved definitely helps. While it may seem that investing in digital technology is adding another outgoing rather than preventing it, there are actually many ways the technology and online systems can save your business money in the long run.

  • Cloud-Based Networks Can Save You Money on Computer Upgrades

Your computer system and network will always need upgrading on a regular basis in business, especially if you rely on computers to make your business run on a daily basis. Instead of upgrading your entire IT system, you can instead seek help from services like 24×7 IT Solutions who specialise in network upgrades, which avoid the extortionate costs.

  • Digital Networks Promote Remote Working

If you invest in a business network and VPN, which enables employees to do their job from remote locations, or work from home, then you can make a huge reduction in the running costs of your building, such as utility costs. Without the need to fuel a full team to work on a daily basis, you can save hundreds. Depending on your business, it may even be that you can eradicate the need for an official premises altogether and only have remote working – meaning no rent, utility, or building maintenance costs.

  • Free Marketing Opportunities

While you can still set aside an adequate marketing budget, you can also utilise digital marketing for free. The beauty of social media means that it’s now easier than ever to get your business seen online and make regular social media posts and interactions to build your customer base and your all-important relationships with them.

  • Make Online Communication Your Business’s Best Friend

Eliminate a hefty phone bill and the contract price for a phone system within your business if you can instead divert phone calls to an existing mobile number you already have, and encourage mainly online communication. In this day and age, most consumers will prefer to communicate via online means anyway, which means:

  • Contact forms
  • Emails
  • Direct messaging on social media
  • Live chat methods

Free communication methods will be just as useable, as well as saving you money on phone bills.

  • Go Paperless

Not only is switching to a paperless business better for the environment, but it will also save you money by avoiding printing costs, such as ink and printers, as well as saving money on postal costs to send mail. As an alternative, send all correspondence via email, such as online invoicing instead of paper invoicing.

This is an essential move if you’re looking to be a more eco-friendly business as well as reducing costs.

So How Can Your Business Embrace Digital Technology?

If you’re looking to switch to more digital business operations, think about:

  • A useable network which can be accessed remotely
  • Devices which allow social media interaction and posting from anywhere
  • Cloud-based systems and backups
  • Any free communication or processes which can be accessed online

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