Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR Updated

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR Updated

Microsoft have updated the SteamVR app for Windows Mixed Reality, the app that enables Windows Mixed Reality headsets to work with SteamVR games and apps. The new version is 1.1.41 and improves the display quality, has control improvements and performance improvements.

Many of the changes make use of the VR improvements in the 1903 Windows 10 Update:

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR has been updated to version 1.1.41. This build contains the following changes (since 1.0.432):

Updated to use new scaling capabilities on Windows 1903 and above. This particularly improves scaling for HP Reverb users.

Removes the renderTargetScale setting. On Windows 1903 and above, app buffers are dynamically sized based on what the running app needs. On Windows 1809 and earlier, the maximum value possible on those operating systems is used.

DX12 motion estimation on Windows 1903 and above for faster motion vector generation by lowering CPU cost and improving overlap of GPU work.

New motion reprojection auto switching logic.

Added NoInterEyeRotation exceptions for Fallout 4 VR and Battlezone.

Updates the input profile exposed by the SteamVR driver.

Fix performance and quality issues related to controller input and haptics.

Added settings to enable independent move/turn thumbstick overrides.



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