SteamVR Beta Updated – 1.9.7 , fixes Windows Mixed Reality blurriness

SteamVR Beta Updated – 1.9.7 , fixes Windows Mixed Reality blurriness

SteamVR Beta has been updated bring improvements to Windows Mixed Reality. Version 1.9.7 skips the “Advanced Supersampling Filtering” for systems which have their own compositor like Windows Mixed Reality which means it should cure the blurriness issues many users have seen. SteamVR is the component that VR enables Steam games and apps for PC VR headsets.

Here are the rest of the changed:

SteamVR Settings Beta

Most settings have been ported to a new user interface

Most settings now available on both the desktop, and in-headset.

The new SteamVR settings are still a work in progress.


Improved audio mirroring latency and fixed some cases where the mirror could accumulate a large delay.

Skip “Advanced Supersampling Filtering” for systems which use their own compositor (e.g. WMR, Oculus). This should fix blurriness reported by WMR users.

Fixed some memory leaks when VR_Init is called repeatedly in long-running applications.

All windows now group together under one icon in the Windows taskbar.

SteamVR Dashboard

Added haptic bumps with moving on or off of buttons on the dashboard controls.

Added support for haptic bumps when moving around on the keyboard.

Minor appearance tweaks.

Fixed a variety of crashes in vrdashboard.exe

SteamVR Desktop View

Improved multi-monitor desktop support (Windows 10 only)

Improved cursor rendering (Windows 10 only)

SteamVR Input

For games using legacy input: When fetching default bindings, prefer partner site explicit defaults instead of generic legacy defaults

When switching bindings, SteamVR now records the previously selected binding in a setting.

Action Sets with a higher priority will now correctly override sets with a lower priority.

Recent games list in top level controller configuration menu now shows most recent game instead of starting with second most recent game.

Index HMD

Max brightness extended to 140

Framerate can be changed without restarting (requires NVIDIA driver version 441, or higher)
Requires firmware update


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