5 Ways to Save Money on Key Technology

With more and more people using finance methods to buy large assets, it’s no wonder that people want to save money on their tech. New models for big brands can be incredibly expensive. Not everyone likes the idea of paying off a brand new model for two years, only for it to be out-of-date when you finally pay off the total sum. So, if you want to save money on key technology investments, then here are a few tips.

Don’t opt for the newest model

There are some instances where buying the newest model benefits you or your company. If you’ve been long-awaiting a particular feature, then it may be worth your money and time to invest in the best and newest model. However, if you need a work laptop that has a decent-sized memory and is capable of downloading the newest software updates, then a brand-new model might not be necessary. For example, buying a refurbished MacBook from two years back could be just as useful as the most expensive model.

Software resellers

You don’t always have to buy your software directly from the source. In fact, it may benefit you to not do so. Software resellers such as Bytes are just as knowledgeable about big corporations’ software packages, but without the same, hefty price tag. You will be able to buy your license from them and get help and assistance when you need it.

Compare contracts

Some pieces of technology, such as smartphones, require you to gradually pay off the cost of the device during a contracted period. It’s important to know that not all contracts are created equal, and some could see you being out of pocket more than others. Before you launch into a new contract with a provider, take a look at what’s available to you on the market and see if you could do much better with a different company.

Use free document sharing

Unless you are sharing a terabyte of information, then there’s no real need to pay for document sharing services. Companies like Dropbox and WeTransfer do have a cap on how much data you can send, but it truly depends on what you are using it for. WeTransfer might be an incredibly cost-effective way of sending documents in batches.

Use free apps

Remember: companies spend large sums of money investing in apps, particularly free ones. They wouldn’t pour all this time and finance into making them if they didn’t think they would be of use to you. If you need a platform to monitor or share a file and don’t want to pay for it, see if there’s a free app that could do the job for you.

When it comes to saving on technology, the best tip is to avoid purchasing directly from the big names. While they may provide an expert service, you might be able to get the same for much less somewhere else; and with knowable guidance to boot.


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