5 Things Every Website Needs

The right website can transform a business. Unfortunately, building a website means knowing what people want from it, and there is so much conflicting advice online about what every website needs that it can all get very confusing, very quickly. The good news is that there are some basic ingredients that should be included as part of every business website. No matter the size of your business, the niche that you trade in, or your target audience, these basic ingredients can have a long-lasting effect on your online visibility, click-through rates, and your profit margins. If your business website isn’t getting the traction that you expected, then make sure that you have considered these essentials.

Less Clutter

The first thing that you need to consider is if you are overwhelming website visitors with too much information too quickly. Make sure that you use a clean design, and only add the key information that will entice visitors to find out more under their own steam. If you overload your web pages with pictures and walls of text then you will earn nothing more than a high bounce rate.

Device Friendly

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile and tablet viewing then you’re making a huge error. Mobile internet use is only growing, and brands that fail to factor their use into the design and responsiveness of their website design will only lose out to their competitors.


You want site visitors to trust you enough to spend on your product pages and to let other people know that you are amazing. A good website will establish your industry authority and highlight your knowledge of your product and sector. Make sure that you add:

When you need people to trust your brand, establishing your authority on your webpages is critical.

A Blog

Never underestimate how essential your content is. There are many tips available for digital marketing, but content remains one of the most vital components of any website. If you’re more hands-on and don’t have the time or the literary skills to develop high-quality content for your website, then consider a content writing service from digital professionals like Click Intelligence. This type of service not only gives you the regular content that you need but ensures that it is written with SEO and online visibility in mind.

Audience Targeted

It will be much easier to design a website that attracts the right people if you have more understanding of those people. Any part of a first-step business plan should have included some audience research, but this needs to be an ongoing process. The more that you can learn about your audience, the easier it becomes to sell to them. Know who they are and what they need from you, and you can create content they want, as well as post in the right places and at the right time for maximum impact.

A website is often the face of a business and the first thing that many potential customers will see in relation to your brand. Make sure that you get it right, and the future of your business will be more likely to be positive. Learn as much as you can about digital marketing, and ensure that your website is consistently updated to match your growth goals.


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