How Technology Can Help Cover Your Bases in a Vehicle Accident Lawsuit

How Technology Can Help Cover Your Bases in a Vehicle Accident Lawsuit

Being involved in a vehicle accident can happen to anyone, even the most careful drivers. We’re all still prone to human error – that’s actually one of the main arguments behind the push for driverless cars right now. But in any case, if you find yourself involved in an accident, you can’t count on the fact that you yourself know you were in the right. It’s all about what you can prove in court. And sometimes, a guilty person is going to pull some nasty tricks to shift the blame to an innocent party – which could be you!

Witness Statements Must Be Collected Fast

The human memory tends to be kind of poor for retaining important small details of chaotic events like a car crash for too long. For this reason, the weight of the statements made by a witness tends to decrease very fast as you move farther away in time from the date of the accident. Ideally, you should carry a device with voice recording capabilities right after the crash, and take statements from anyone willing to help. Don’t even count on the police to do this for you – if you’re going to be involved in a civil suit, you may not always have access to information gathered by authorities.

Hidden Sources of Evidence

There are more ways than you might think to extract useful information about your crash, especially if you were driving a more recently made car. Modern cars are full of electronics that capture a lot about the vehicle’s operation and condition, much like a plane’s black box. It takes expertise and effort to extract that information though. Finding a good company for digital forensics in Los Angeles with a proven track record like Secure Forensics can take some time, so it’s a good idea to research this market in advance.

Be Prepared in Advance

Which brings us to our next point. You can’t do much to prevent some kinds of accidents from happening, but you can still do a lot to ensure that you’re in a better position to deal with them once they do happen. Don’t underestimate the importance of more expensive insurance, for example. You may only need to use it once, but that one moment can completely change the way the rest of your life looks financially. Use the internet to find comparison sites to find you the best deal. As a side note, don’t be cheap about your car’s maintenance either. Do your best to ensure that you can trust your car, and you can respond immediately to anything that happens on the road to the best of your own abilities.

Last but not least, be prepared with a lot of patience. The legal system is notoriously slow, and this can easily drag on for months or even longer. You can’t really let fatigue get to you though. This is why working with a competent attorney is part of the equation. They’ll take the majority of the mental impact of the case, and you’ll just have to make some critical decisions at certain points. But you’ll certainly not have to deal with the complicated ordeal that is defending yourself in a lawsuit.

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