New Age Gadgets to Save the Energy at Your Home

New Age Gadgets to Save the Energy at Your Home

Energy saving has become an important subject in this day and age. Additionally, technology has proven that a great deal of energy can be saved by making an addition of certain smart gadgets to homes.

These gadgets basically operate by integrating and upgrading your home’s smart abilities; thus allowing water, HVAC, security and lighting systems to make use of energy in more efficient ways. With the right gadgets, it eventually becomes a case of spending a little to make a huge gain overtime. It has become even juicer as the new age gadgets on the market now make things easier.

Some of These New Age Gadgets Include:

WaterHawk Smart Shower Head

You can now save energy used on water as this gadget helps in monitoring both water temperature and use each time you get into the shower.

The WaterHawk Smart Shower Head is a great gadget that comes with no stress, as it is powered using the flow of water in the shower itself. It requires no battery or any other external source of power.  The LED display reveals your water usage (in gallons) to you as you shower. It also lets you know the precise temperature of the water. This way, you no longer have to waste water while waiting to see when it is hot, since the display easily lets you know.

Microbot Push

Are the appliances/gadgets in your home not up-to-date in terms of tech? Then, Microbot Push may be the solution for you. Microbot Push is essentially an automatic button-pusher that converts normal (conventional) appliances into smart ones. Once you connect the gadget to any appliance using a push button, rocker switch, toggle switch, or any other form of tactile switch object, it presses the button remotely. You can save money on changing your conventional devices by using Microbot Push.

Smart Thermostats

If you plan to get only one smart gadget this year, make sure it’s a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, energy efficiency would take place on the best level as it helps you avoid cases of forgetting to work on the temperature in your home. When you consider getting a new thermostat, you can consider brands like Hive, Nest, Ecobee. Especially if you have a fireplace insert like Dimplex cassette fireplace insert, you should totally go for a smart thermostat.

Some electricity suppliers also provide electricity plans which include a smart thermostat to assist their customers in saving on their energy usage. Smart thermostats help in taking programmable thermostats to its maximum potential by observing when and how your family likes to use energy for heating or air-conditioning in your home. The thermostat can also be controlled from your smartphone, using an app. The fact that this kind of thermostat controls itself automatically ensures you are saving energy all year long.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a great choice of hub for smart homes. The Amazon Echo (alongside its Amazon Dot) is that personal assistant which immediately integrates with your life. Aside from being a voice-activated speaker, there’s a lot more to it. Once you connect the Amazon Echo to your smart gadgets, you can use it to control everything; from your thermostat to your light bulbs by using your voice.

Direct Your Energy App

Customers of Direct Energy electricity with smart meters have access to the ‘Direct Your Energy’ app. This app was created specifically to put your power usage in check. While doing this, it also gives directives and information on how to save energy; and consequently save money. It lets you know areas where your power usage is too much and creates a roadmap for energy savings that will be highly useful to you.


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