Top 7 apps to find jobs

Top 7 apps to find jobs


In the technologically advancing world of the 21st century ordering food, shopping for essentials, finding your perfect partner, availing medical services, selling items and a lot more is a click away. It has also become easier than ever before to find a job. We no longer need to scrounge through the endless newspaper listings or hunt for local advertisements about open job positions. Furthermore, you need to filter out those which do not fit your qualifications and credentials. But no more, these revolutionary applications would help you find the perfect place for you which would check all the parameters when you look for a job, ranging from the pay scale to the destination and the job profile. Here is a list of top 7 mobile applications to find a job-

  1. Linkedin- Linkedin is a social media platform engineered to create business relationships, get jobs and hire professionals. Whether it is a businessman who has been in the profession for decades or it is a newly minted college graduate, everyone is a part of this app. It provides the user with an environment wherein they are notified about the new job openings which match their profile. For example, if you wish to have a more hands-on approach to job hunting you could enter the filters of job profile, title, pay grade, company name, location, and other such relevant options. The algorithm it uses not only suggests the company to the potential employee, but it also notifies the employer of the new talent which might be a great asset in terms of the parameters they have been searching. This makes it a win-win situation for both, encouraging the participation of a wide range of stakeholders. Another really effective use of Linkedin is the discrete process in which it conducts the whole process in case an employee has not informed their current employer about the possible quitting. The user could also connect with people working in the companies they have applied to under “seek jobs with connections.” It is available on both Android and IOS software.
  2. Monster- It is one of the leading job recruitment websites and offers over a million full and part-time jobs across the U.S. Its semantic search engine technology helps job seekers zero in on relevant opportunities by using powerful conversational language to create powerful search queries. It is a quick and efficient way to hunt jobs by swiping right to apply and left to ignore- the same as the way Tinder works. Not only does it have an in app career concierge who can help in sprucing up your resume but it also adjusts the visibility of your profile such that you can control who views your profile. It has a collaboration with many reputed social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. where there are buttons and widgets which could help you market yourself to prospective employers or companies. It is available on both Android and IOS software.
  3. Glassdoor- It is a multipurpose website where current and past employees anonymously review companies. It also enables them to submit and view salaries and also search for jobs. The massive database composes of a detailed analysis of the prospective employers and their companies on parameters which have been mentioned ranging from the payscale to the interview process. This data is used to create an overall report of that particular company, the process is fairly accurate and is used by many outside sources to estimate and study the changes in corporate trends. It is a platform wherein you can judge whether or not you earn according to your potential. Glassdoor notifies the user in case of job vacancies and the corresponding reviews given by those who have once worked or are still working in the organization. As a result of this a cooperative environment is inculcated where all those in a firm consult each other and recognize their potential to function harmoniously. It is available on both Android and IOS software.
  4. Indeed- It has been found that 70% of the job searches take place in mobile applications. About 250 million people visit Indeed every month from across more than 60 countries, which means the strongest of resumes and databases are literally a search away. Indeed revolutionized the online job search industry by becoming the first aggregated search engine for any and every job you can find online and has quickly become the world’s number one platform for employment and continues to play a big part in matching the perfect employer with the perfect candidate. The stakeholders are employees, recruiters and job seekers. It is available on both Android and IOS software.
  5. Hirewire- Hirewire is the perfect place for applicants who are out of work as it very efficiently provides you with prospective jobs within 24 hours. The applicants are required to build an interactive profile instead of uploading a resume which helps employers to screen the applicants in an optimal time. It ensures efficiency with the help of its algorithm that matches applicants profiles with employers on the basis of job type, pay, location, shift, experience and skill-set. It also allows applicants to create a video profile which creates an effective impression and is also convenient for the employers. You can broaden your horizon of the search by increasing or decreasing the distance you are willing to travel. It is available on both Android and IOS software.
  6. Linkup- Linkup is a job search engine that uses a unique yet simplistic approach of uncovering those jobs which are otherwise hidden from other search engines. It accomplishes the same by listing current job postings on company websites from around the country. This approach eliminates any possible redundancy as the listings are from real companies with authority and are updated from time to time as soon as an update is received on the official website. Several options such as pay-per-click or pay-to-post ads are also offered by the website to increase profile visibility. It is easy to search through keywords such as the title, phrases, city, proximity and all other relevant factors. They can also enhance and streamline their approach by choosing the advance search option to make the process seamless and efficient. Linkup has an international websites for people who wish to settle in a foriegn country. It is available on both Android and IOS software.
  7. Snag- It is one of the most popular online job boards, especially in America. It connects millions of employers and job seekers through a virtual hourly marketplace. The popularity of this application is credited to its versatility since it covers all the bases like full-time careers, part-time jobs for teenagers or entry-level roles for freshers. It is a vast international network of over 90 million hourly job seekers and 450000 employers. The most interesting feature about Snag is that it allows applicants to upload a video profile which helps them create an impression upon their prospective employers. It also allows you to take personality quizzes in order to narrow down jobs fitting your profile. It is also a boon for employers since it allows them to invite eligible candidates for applications in their firm. Snag enables filtering on the basis of location, previous work experience, availability to ensure efficient candidate search. Moreover, it also enables custom screening search which ensures that employers get only qualified applicants.


The list of applications on your mobile where you can find potential jobs can go on. But depending on your requirement and qualification finding the right platform is not a difficult choice once you narrow down the options which fit in your spectrum of jobs. With the help of this article, some research and a hands on experience you could land up on the perfect job for yourself.


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