Cello 22 Inch LED Monitor Review

Cello 22 Inch LED Monitor Review

If you are in the market for a small desktop monitor you should have a look at Cello’s new monitor. The monitor I am looking at is their 22 inch version with built in speaker.

The resolution is 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz with a contrast ratio of 4000:1 from the led display. Connectivity is provided by a HDMI port, VGA port and 3.5mm audio input jack. Cello provide a VGA cable in the box but not a HDMI cable.

I hooked up the monitor to my Surface Laptop and found the display to be clear and sharp with good colour reproduction. It looks a little washed out compared to the much more expensive panel on my Surface Laptop but for the price I was impressed by the quality.

There is small built in speaker with the monitor, it’s not going to shake the room with bass but it is usable for watching YouTube videos and a bit of background music.

The monitor comes with a stand and there is a small bezel around the display.

There is a range of settings so you can adjust the display to suite your personal preferences including reducing blue light output. I found it pretty easy to get the monitor setup to my liking.

For £99 you get a decent monitor to use with a PC, Xbox or something like a Chromecast stick.

Here is my video review of the Cello 22 inch monitor:


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