Windows Mixed Reality on SteamVR drops to 9.39% (Updated)

Windows Mixed Reality on SteamVR drops to 9.39% (Updated)

Valves usages survey for July has been a drop in the usage share for Windows Mixed Reality. The usage is at 9.39% down from 11.13% in June. The graph looks a bit odd as it shows a drop in usage for all devices, and adding up the percentages only comes to a total of 90.13% so I don’t know what has happened to the remaining 9.87%.

It’s not surprising to see the usage drop as Microsoft has done zero marketing and some is now very difficult to get hold of new headsets. Let’s hope there are some new devices in the works (other than the Acer concept device) or we could see another leading Microsoft consumer technology fall by the wayside.

UPDATE 06/08/2019

The survey has been updated and it makes a lot more sense now. Windows Mixed Reality is still at 9.39% but the chart now shows the Oclulus Rift S at 8.4% and the Valve Index at 1.46%


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