Different Kinds of Watches to Wear On Different Occasions

Different Kinds of Watches to Wear On Different Occasions

Watch is an important and necessary accessory that almost everyone puts on, young or old. But with all the wide range of watches available today, it sometimes gets confusing which one to wear, when and where.

So here is your guide to watch the watch that you wear!

  • The Date watch

The choice of the watch matching your casual attire might end up being the reason he likes or dislikes your taste of style. Hublot Big Bang presents you a finely crafted elegant watch that you could wear on a date or with any simple attire, where too much fanciness might not suit the situation. So make sure you do not blow up your elegance with an extra fancy watch.

  • The Business watch

The types of watches you wear during your work time must absolutely go on the type of clothing you choose. Generally, business watches are the types of watches that mostly have leather belts. Being a business person often makes you dress up like a classic gentleman ever and so classic is a leather material. Leather belted watches are worth your personality when you are out for a business tour or in a business meeting.

  • The Ceremony watch

Marriage, anniversary or a birthday party, a watch is a must in your to-wear list. Watches during these occasions are sentimental and you should wear your favorite expensive watch on this special occasion. A little expensive watch would only make you look gorgeous with your personality and make it your signature style statement.

  • The Sporty watch

Sports like biking, hiking or running need a stylish yet resilient watch. The sporty watches either come in simple but tough material stuff or come in as smart watches which also help you count the number of times you have walked or the number of calories you have lost. So cool yet so helpful.

But during any sporting activity, avoid wearing watches which are made up of leather or steel and go for a plastic or rubber material. Sports are not safe and nor will be your watch be if you wear one of those fancy ones while running and jumping. In this case, you could try watches colored red and black since they are considered as sporty colors.

  • The Holiday watch

Holidays are the wonderful moments of our lives and we should not let it go wasted for any reason. If you are heading towards a beach, then make sure you have a water-proof watch side by side of your everyday use watch. Mostly, people take one watch which gets the work done without much change and match with the types of clothes she or he is carrying, but it is also important to take another watch so that you do not wear the same watch every day and make your style look old and grey. Beach or not, invest on the watches that are waterproof and have a good battery backup.

  • The Gym watch

People burning their calories off in a gym or gymnastics might too need a sporty watch that mixes up with their adventurous personality. Your sporty and hard working personality will need a digital watch that is light in weight, shows the digital time, is easily available and nowhere near to be broken. Digital watches these days are more advanced these days than that of any other watch. They come with the features like inbuilt compass, countdown timer, GPS even an alarm. Few digital watches help you to even check your heart rate while at the gym. Digital watches are more long-lasting than compared to the other wrist watches. They might be costing you a hundred to thousand bucks but a digital watch is worth your money and of course, time.

  • The Party watch

The weekends are all about your relaxation and parties. Parties are extremely fancy and so must be your watch matching your outfit. Shirts or t-shirts, your watch would make you look cool or low witted, so grab some fancy watch which is generally known as ‘big faced’ watches and are worn usually with casual garments. These watches give a cool and chunky look and make you look complete in the party.

Every time you buy a watch, make sure you do not repeat the same kind that you already own. Look out for different colors, shapes, and designs. There are various numbers of different looking watches for the same occasion but choose the one which will look the best and match whatever dress you are carrying on you.


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