Review – Rotate Video Web App

Review – Rotate Video Web App

Ever want to quickly rotate a video that had the wrong orientation? That is easy enough, but it requires editing software – which you’ll need to find, download, and install, then learn to use.

If you’d prefer an easier option, you should definitely check out the rotate video web app. It is a neat little web-based app that (as its name suggests) will let you rotate your videos.

Because it is web-based you won’t need to download and install anything. Instead all you need to do to get started and tilt video is head over to the rotate video web app – regardless of the device that you’re using.

How to Use the Rotate Video Web App

The interface of the rotate video web app is simple, streamlined, and very intuitive. It will make it clear what needs to be done to use the app through its design.

Case in point: As soon as the website loads you’ll see a ‘Choose Files’ button that you can click to select the video you want to rotate. Alongside that button there are several other icons that can be used to add videos from Google Drive, Dropbox, or online URLs respectively. That is a nice touch and allows for some decent flexibility.

After you’ve added a video it will be processed and you’ll be taken to the next area. It will have two buttons towards the button that will let you rotate clockwise or counterclockwise respectively in 90-degree increments.

On your part all you need to do is click on them and rotate your video – while keeping an eye on how it looks in the Preview area. If and when you’re satisfied you can set up the output settings and click on the ‘Rotate’ button.

It would be worth your while to go over the output settings that are split into optimized versions for web videos, PC, mobile, and animated GIFs. It supports resolutions up to 4K and a wide range of video formats.

In any case after everything is done you can download the video using the link provided, add it to Google Drive or Dropbox, or view it in your browser itself.

That is really all there is to it and is the sum total of the features in the rotate video web app. As you can see it is versatile and flexible where it counts, especially when it comes to the export settings and support for cloud storage.


Make no mistake the rotate video web app is not designed to replace video editing software, nor should you view it as such. Instead it is built to be a simple tool that allows users to quickly rotate their video’s orientation without any hassle.

On that front there are few other apps that are in its league and offer the type of options that it does. The best way to really see how easy it is to use however is to try it out firsthand, so if you have a minute or two to spare you should make it a point to do that.


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