Microsoft explains the absence of Windows 10 19H1 slow ring builds

Microsoft explains the absence of Windows 10 19H1 slow ring builds

While we have had a plethora of fast ring and skip ahead builds recently, Microsoft have not released any slow ring builds of 19H1. I speculated that it was so Microsoft could save slow ring to test the final release of 19H1 but it looks like that isn’t the case.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar has explained that the reason there is no 19H1 slow ring build at the moment is that there is a known issue with anti-cheat software what causes an OS crash (Green Screen of Death). So if you launch a game use gaming anti-cheat codes it will crash the OS. Microsoft say they are working with a 3rd party company to get it fixed, and that many slow ring installs are used for gaming. This is exactly the case of me so I can see why Microsoft are holding back the builds.

Let’s hope they can fix it soon as it would need fixing before 1903 can ship.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft explains the absence of Windows 10 19H1 slow ring builds

  1. To me, the 19H1 Fast Builds have been relatively unusab;e in my environment as I have not has one yet that will support the client side of Server Essentials. I may be a bit behind the times in still running 2012 R2 Essentials, but I haven’t seen any comment regarding dropping support for that platform. I generally find that the server thinks the client is connected, but the client is not running any of the Essentials services, will not run a backup or communicate with the server. Shares clearly all still work fine. Have tried with several different PC’s but at a bit of a loss so far.
    Just about to try 18343.1 once more in hope that I won’t need to roll back again.

  2. correction to my earlier reply – Server DOESN’T think the client is connected, although the client has a green Essentials tray icon. There are no Essentials services in the Services list and reinstalling the connector does not reinstate them although it completes with no error.

    This is still the case with 18343.1 so will roll back and put a note into the Feedback Hub again!

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