How Automated Internet Usage Tracking Saves Hundreds Weekly

How Automated Internet Usage Tracking Saves Hundreds Weekly

Employees are exposed to more distractions than ever at workplaces nowadays, and a significant number involve the internet. Conventional time tracking via time sheets can’t really do much about that, and it consistently leads to lost hours of productivity.

That is why more and more businesses are turning to automated internet usage tracking. But how exactly will it affect your business, and help you to acquire significant savings?

Increased Accountability and Fewer Wasted Hours

The most obvious benefit of automated internet usage tracking is that it can help ensure fewer hours are wasted on online activities that aren’t work-related.

In fact when employees are aware that their internet usage is being monitored it will make them more accountable for their time and actions. For businesses that rely on multiple workers or departments, that increased accountability can provide a marked improvement in productivity and consistency.

Tighter Security and Lower Risks

Another way that internet usage tracking saves hundreds (if not more) is by providing tighter security measures.

In today’s data-driven world it is necessary to take steps to protect sensitive information regarding your business, or its clients and customers. Web usage analytics can be the first step towards that, as it will let you identify red flags or spot suspicious behavior.

Considering the cost of data breaches can be high, this could provide very significant savings in the long run.

Improved Employee Performance Assessment

Overall internet usage tracking can help provide invaluable data to assess an employees’ performance. While it alone is not enough to determine whether an employee is performing well or not, the data it provides can help provide deeper insights.

The same tools that track internet usage can often track other metrics that help in this regard. By using WorkExaminer you can not only monitor all online activity but other PC-related activity as well, to understand how employees are using their work hours.

In fact WorkExaminer can help to increase productivity across the board due to its features. It can help to reduce the hours that are wasted by online distractions by filtering and restriction certain websites or apps. On top of that it track keystrokes, search queries, emails, chats, and various other information to see how time is being spent.

As a rule it is best to be upfront if you use WorkExaminer and explain the comprehensive monitoring features that it provides. In general it will lead to better self-control on the part of employees due to the increased accountability that is present.

For best results you shouldn’t be unreasonable and should clearly explain to employees how WorkExaminer will be used and what it will monitor for. More importantly you should let your employees know what is expected of them and any restrictions that they need to adhere to regarding internet usage.

If implemented properly a solution like WorkExaminer could end up saving your business much more than hundreds on a weekly basis, due to the boost it provides to productivity, security, accountability, performance assessment, and numerous other areas.


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