Google Chrome to support Windows Mixed Reality

Google Chrome to support Windows Mixed Reality

It looks like Google Chrome will be adding support for Windows Mixed Reality for WebVR in the future. With WebVR you can open a web page in immersive mode on a VR headset and it becomes a full VR app. You can see WebVR on Windows Mixed Reality in action on my video I recorded last year.

Currently with Windows Mixed Reality you can only use Microsoft Edge on WebVR enabled pages but with Microsoft Edge switching to Chromium in the future it will be important that the rending engine supports WMR.

The change is part of a Chromium commit with a new flag to enable it:

Add a flag for Windows Mixed Reality support

Bug: 924324

Change-Id: Iba37d03e0a6e8d8f20115d0a22fbf0318227af68


Commit-Queue: Bill Orr <[email protected]>

Reviewed-by: David Dorwin <[email protected]>

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/[email protected]{#625048}

It could be some time before the change makes it way in to a release version of Google Chrome and it’s probably related to Microsoft contributing to Chromium as part of the switch of browser engine for Edge.



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