Microsoft VR prototyping tool Maquette is now available on Steam and the Microsoft Store

Last year Microsoft launched a private beta of Microsoft Maqutte a tool for prototyping VR environments. They have now opened up the beta with app being available on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

The idea behind the tool is for you to create immersive environments for VR projects from the virtual reality, rather than trying to design a 3D world in a 2D workspace. You use the VR controllers to place and manipulate objects in the 3D work. The app was originally an internal tool for Microsoft designers to use to created mixed reality and is now available for all.

It works with Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Microsoft have a lot of tutorials to help you get started.

Maquette is a VR prototyping tool for Steam VR compatible devices, currently in beta. Maquette enables users to quickly communicate spatial prototypes in virtual reality. It was built from the ground up as a generalized prototyping tool intended to empower anyone to create fully immersive content in VR without the need of software outside the VR headset. Maquette includes a set of tools for importing, creating, and composing content in 3D space, and maquettes can be exported for use outside the tool. Our development priorities are guided by users’ needs, so we want your feedback!

Grab the beta from the Microsoft Store if you are on Windows Mixed Reality or Stream for Vive, Rift or Windows Mixed Reality devices.

About the author Ian Dixon:
Ian Dixon is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), founder of tech site and producer of the weekly The Digital Lifestyle Show podcast. Ian has been writing and talking about Windows for over 10 years and has over 20 years in IT as an IT Manager. Ian has thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook and over 4 million views on his YouTube channel.

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