Emby Server 4.0 Released

Emby Server 4.0 Released

Its been a while since I wrote about the Windows Media Center alternative Emby but they are back with a new version of the Emby Server. Version 4 has a lot of new features and can handle all your TV, movies, pictures and music needs with a free server.

Here are some of the headlines of version 4:

  • Improved Performance
  • New Emby Live TV Guide Data
  • New and Improved Hardware Acceleration
  • Transcoding Throttling
  • Emby Server Now Available for Android and Nvidia Shield
  • Improved Search
  • Support for multi-resolution TV shows
  • Expanded User Library Access

Emby Server is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS devices and Docker. There are clients for Windows, iOS, Android, Roku, the browser and many others. Head over the to the download page to get the server.

Here are the other changes:

  • Update to .NET Core 2.2
  • Update to Sqlite 3.26.0
  • Improve library scan performance
  • Improve performance of live tv guide refresh
  • Improve subtitle delivery performance
  • Support Brotli http compression
  • Display video size on detail screens in Media Info
  • Significantly reduce dlna related network traffic
  • Add More Like This On Live TV section
  • Add tabbed layouts for music videos and home videos
  • Add network browsing to directory picker for Linux, Android and MacOS.
  • Change new indicators for programs to match guide data
  • Rework mobile context menus
  • Rework tv tabs to be consistent with Emby Theater
  • Downloaded subtitles are now saved using the two-character language code
  • Improve transcoding of low bit rate hevc
  • Add Moviedb season image provider
  • Show favorite people
  • Support tvg-chno with m3u tuners
  • Support tvg-shift with m3u tuners
  • Allow a library to be named “backdrops”, a previously reserved name
  • Improve server dashboard display with blue radiance theme
  • Improve mobile server dashboard with bottom navigation
  • Added live tv channels to search feature
  • Improve layout of live tv channels tab under live tv
  • Add audio books content type
  • Use es-MX with MovieDb when Spanish language is selected along with Mexico as the country
  • Improve metadata with absolute episode ordering
  • Cloud sync upload improvements
  • Support launching android server on device startup
  • Add container, video codec, audio codec, and subtitle codec filters
  • Improve multi-resolution naming recognition
  • Improve automatic refreshing in the web app
  • Improve resiliency with iptv streams
  • Improve Windows sleep prevention while server is being used
  • Improve Chromecast volume control
  • Improve xmltv parsing of European characters
  • Support multiple images with xmltv
  • Use transcode=none profile for HD Homerun when appropriate
  • Support splitting musicbrainz id’s on both slashes and semi-colons
  • Make alpha pickers dynamic based on content
  • Improve identify feature
  • Improve manual refreshing when replacing existing images
  • Improve database cleanup procedures of removed content
  • Improve automatic refreshing of recordings
  • Restore user permission to change password and profile image
  • Prevent syncing of in-progress recordings
  • Improve authentication failure logging for Fail2ban support
  • Add API to find item by provider id
  • Update new user defaults to not allow deleting media
  • Make news notifications configurable
  • Reduce size of Windows and MacOS installers by 30 MB
  • Support user subtitle download permissions
  • Defer collage image generation until images are needed
  • Move AudioDb and Omdb to pre-installed plugins
  • Move fanart.tv to pre-installed plugin
  • Move MusicBrainz to pre-installed plugin
  • Move MovieDb metadata provider to pre-installed plugin
  • Move nfo saver to pre-installed plugin
  • Move tvdb to pre-installed plugin
  • Support per-library resume settings



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