Prepaway: Take Your Step to Become Computer Support Specialist with Microsoft 70-698 Exam

Prepaway: Take Your Step to Become Computer Support Specialist with Microsoft 70-698 Exam

Change is inevitable. More often than not, new developments come with multiple changes which can either be positive or negative. Now with the launch of Windows 10, companies are increasingly looking for the services of IT professionals with a deeper understanding of Microsoft latest operating system.

Your expertise in administering Windows 10 can be more than just a way to prove the validity of your skills. It can be the way to propel your IT career to the next level. Is there any chance for you to get an interesting new job? The answer is yes because MCSA: Windows 10 certification makes you competent to perform various roles such as Computer Support Specialist, Help Desk, and IT Administrator.

PrepAway you are ready to give it a try, then you need to gather all the courage to start working on your credential goal. Your effort will be equally rewarded, to say the least. MCSA: Windows 10 certification authenticates you as a professional with the relevant skills to configure, manage, and maintain Windows 10 enterprise system.

So what does it take to attain this in-demand credential? Well, MCSA: Windows 10 certification entails two exams:

  • 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10
  • 70-697: Configuring Windows Devices

    Microsoft recommends that you should have at least 6 months of experience in such areas as Windows desktop administration, networking technologies, maintenance, and troubleshooting before looking to embark on your certification journey. Besides, you should also be knowledgeable of Active Directory and Microsoft Intune. Earning MCSA: Windows 10 certification is never an easy task even though MCSA is an entry-level credential.

    So, are you ready to start working towards achieving your MCSA: Windows 10 certification goal? If so, then here are the basics of Microsoft 70-698 exam to begin with.

    Skills measured

    Microsoft 70-698 exam validates your skills to install and configure Windows 10. This test covers three major domains with the same weight (30-35% of the exam). These topics include Implementing Windows, Configuring and Supporting Core Services, and Managing and Maintaining Windows. However, you should note that just like most Microsoft exams, 70-698 has a lot to be covered and it is never limited to the aforementioned domains.

    Are there any prerequisites for 70-698 exam?

    One of the most troubling questions is if Microsoft 70-698 exam has any prerequisites. Well, in order to pass this test, you should be well conversant with the recent versions of Windows such as Windows Vista, 8.1, 8 and 7. Besides, you should have the relevant experience with the command line and PowerShell to increase your chances of success in the same exam.

    Target audience

    Microsoft 70-698 exam is ideal for the IT professionals who are capable of installing and maintaining Windows 10 Core Services. Apart from this, 70-698 also intended for the individuals with experience in cloud-integrated services. In general, Microsoft 70-698 exam suits the individuals willing to work in IT-related organizations as network professionals.

    Exam description

    So, having looked at the domains covered by this test and its prerequisites, now we have to find out what it actually entails. To begin with, you can register for 70-698 at Microsoft Learning or Pearson VUE, a reliable exam service provider that works in conjunction with Microsoft to deliver top-grade tests.

    Microsoft 70-698 is a 2-hour duration exam which consists of 40-60 questions. Just like with most of the Microsoft exams, the question formats are never revealed to any candidates before the test. However, some of the question formats from the past few years include active screen, build list, drag-and-drop, hot area, case study, multiple-choice with single, best, or multiple answers, and short answer questions.

    If you think this exam is costly, then you are wrong because it only goes for $165. Just think about the wide range of opportunities you can get for this money.

    Is your location hindering you from pursuing your certification goal? That should never be the case because Microsoft has partnered with Pearson VUE for online exam delivery. With this option, you can take your test from any location while being monitored by a proctor through a webcam. Just as important, if you have a test center near you, then you can take the exam from that location.

    Tips to prepare for Microsoft 70-698 exam

    How can you prepare for this exam? This is a question that may be racing through your mind for quite some time now. Well, Microsoft is one of the few certification providers that appreciate your credential goal. It is Microsoft top priority to help you pass your test. It is therefore not surprising that Microsoft itself provides a number of ways to help you prepare adequately for your 70-698 exam.

    Firstly, instructor-led training is available to help you prepare adequately for your 70-698 exam. The basic course here is Microsoft 20698A: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 which is vital for your test preparation.

    Another preparation method is online training. Various options are available at the affordable prices and you should consider taking them before looking to schedule your exam. The four official courses offered by Microsoft are Identity Management and Data Access, Windows and Devices in the Enterprise, Managing and Maintaining Devices in the Enterprise, and Configuring Additional Resources.

    If you underestimated the role of practice tests in your exam preparation journey, then you should be forgiven for that. Taking Microsoft official practice test for 70-698 can go a long way to ensure your success in the actual exam. There is no better way to sum up your preparation than taking practice questions and gauging your understanding of the content before scheduling the actual exam.

    Reading books is an option many people don’t value but the book called Exam Ref 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 is a valuable tool to give a try. The guide not only equips you with the job-specific skills but it also focuses on the critical thinking and decision-making, both of which are necessary for success at the MCSA level.


    In summary, if you decide to get MCSA certification, then you definitely should expect new opportunities. Earning this marvelous credential not only equips you with the relevant skills to support your organization but also provides a chance to advance your IT career to the highest level.


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