5 Common Windows 10 Shortcomings (And How to Fix Them) 2018

5 Common Windows 10 Shortcomings (And How to Fix Them) 2018

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most stable and feature rich operating system. But it could be so much better. Here are 5 easy Windows 10 upgrades to fix its biggest shortcomings and make your everyday experience WAY better.

If the most recent upgrade to Windows 10 put you off the same way it did with, well, just about everyone else, then these flaws are getting on your nerves right now. Don’t worry, fixing them is extremely easy.

  1. Windows Defender Doesn’t Actually Defend Much

Windows’ native antivirus software, Windows Defender, isn’t a dud per se, but it’s not that good. As far as pre-installed software goes, it’s not that bad (we love how easy it is to navigate). But independent testing has shown it to have some serious shortcomings. If you’re serious about your security, you need to upgrade your antivirus ASAP.

Fix your security: Download Avast for free or get the paid version (~$70)

2) Edge Has Been Updated But Still Isn’t That Good

Microsoft Edge is far better than Internet Explorer (*shivers*), and a recent update has made it easier to navigate. But it’s still no Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Your default browser will be Edge, so find a Windows 10 version of Chrome or Firefox, download it, and set your default browser to your preferred one.

Fix your browser: Download Chrome or Firefox, go to Settings -> System -> Default Apps -> Web Browser and change it to your preference.

3) Older Printers Are Not Compatible

Users that upgraded from older versions of Windows screamed bloody murder when their older devices didn’t work. And nothing was more frustrating than printers suddenly not working. This is pretty frustrating at first but actually extremely easy to fix.

Fix your printer: Just search for Windows 10-compatible drivers for your printer, download them, and follow the installation instructions.

4) There’s no DVD Software

Not sure why Microsoft hates people who just want to watch DVDs on their laptop, phone, or tablet, but Windows 10 doesn’t come with DVD playing software. If you want to watch something, you’ve got to download software.

Fix your DVD software: Download VLC Media Player (FREE), RealPlayer, or Winamp. Each supports a wide variety of formats and makes it easy to watch your favorite movies.

Bonus: If you want to make your own movies, short clips, family movies, or movies for kids, then the best free movie maker for Windows 10 is Freemake Movie Maker. It’s extremely easy to download, has an intuitive interface, and supports a variety of formats, making it easy to make awesome movies in no time.

5) Notifications Are Annoying

Don’t get us wrong, it’s helpful to have notifications….so long as they are actually helpful. It just feels like the majority of the ones that clog up the Action Center are useless.

Fix your notifications: Go to Settings -> System -> Notifications & Actions and toggle off any notifications that you don’t need.

Windows 10 isn’t really that bad, but some of its issues are a real pain. These were the 5 with quickest fixes that will make your life way better and your Windows experience way less frustrating. We gave you our 5 fixes. If you want to see the top 5 changes that were made from the October update, check out Ian’s top 5 changes from the most recent Windows update article.


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