Room for Millions of Sites in Cyberspace

Room for Millions of Sites in Cyberspace

We think of the digital lifestyle as being the purview of gadgets and toys.  Certainly every new improvement in cellular telephone technology, computer speed and memory, and high definition for almost real viewing is well known and constantly talked about.

There are two areas that are also completely within the purview of the digital lifestyle that get less attention.  The first is bitcoin and other cyber-currencies.  To be sure, these currencies are in the news quite a bit but many people are unaware of how embedded they are in the digital lifestyle.

The second is online casino gaming at any of the thousands of online casinos such as Thunderbolt Online Casino, its sister casinos, and its many competitors.

Digital Currencies

The most famous of these is bitcoin but there are actually dozens of digital currencies.  They are called crypto-currencies by people who want us to pay little attention to them as digital currencies challenge government currencies.  Our entire digital lifestyle may one day be supported financially by digital money.

Government money has been abused and degraded by almost every government.  Even governments that today have strong currencies, such as Israel, at one time had massive inflation owing to unsound fiscal policy of the central government.  Digital currencies are said to do away with the ups and downs of money controlled by bureaucracies.

People who are used to having “money” in their pocketbook, wallet, or jungle jangling in their pocket have a hard time getting their heads around the concept of digital money.  However, we have already gotten our heads around many other things digital that were not even fantasies a couple of generations ago.

People learn to use everything new and improved and so it will be with digital money.

Online Casinos

It is safe to say that the boom we are experiencing in the construction of brick and mortar casinos is owing to the digital casino revolution that began only twenty years ago.  Many people who never set foot in a land based casino have found a home at any of the thousands of online casinos.

Playing casino games online has whetted many people’s appetite for the long weekend excursion to Las Vegas or any of the hundreds of other places where there are now land based casinos.


Part of the great strides online casinos have made in twenty years is the result of constantly improving graphics.  At one time, the graphics on online games was poor to say the least.  But in the digital world nothing is static.  Things change with lightning speed and the graphics in online casino games hitched a very successful ride on the waves and waves of graphical improvements that have occurred in the last two decades.

This is best seen in the massive growth of mobile casino gaming.  The graphics at desktop online casinos were poor as we have said.  When the desktop casino companies introduced mobile gaming, the graphics there were even worse.  Mobile casinos at first were almost an afterthought of the parent companies that were throwing all of their developmental money into desktop gaming.

This is now no longer the case.  Graphics at mobile casinos have improved so much that now more than half of all online casino gaming is done on mobile devices.

Mobile at Land Based Casinos

Mobile gaming has become so pervasive that many brick and mortar casinos have introduced their own in-house mobile casino so people can lay in a more relaxed setting either in their room, around the pool, at a restaurant or bar, or just in the hotel lobby, and still partake in the game play/betting.

Live Casino at Online Casinos

The example of mobile gaming at land based casinos is one side of the way the two types of casinos feed on each other’s best assets.  Another is the growing prevalence of live casino gaming at online casinos.  Here, again, the key is the profound improvement we have seen in the last few years in the graphics for live casinos.  People who prefer gaming at an online casino still, at times, want some live action.  The live casino feed provides this through a live streaming feed where the online player can actually play against a real dealer/coupier.

Will Casino Gaming Replace Other Digital Gaming

The simple answer is no.  Gamification is a term that was born of the digital gaming revolution of which casino gaming is just one element.  People who prefer not to gamble can play many games online that are essentially free.  Most digitally savvy people have a large library of games that they enjoy playing.

Casino gaming is for people who like to put a little money on the line while playing.  Even then, if you want to play blackjack for free, you can do so online whereas at a land based casino you can’t.

The point we’ve been making here is that something as old as gambling has changed dramatically because it can now be done digitally.  Online casino gambling feeds land based casino gambling making traveling to a casino an attractive alternative to gambling alone.  Contrapositively, gambling at a land based casino feeds the desire to do so online.

Going Forward

The digital revolution is still in its infancy.  Whereas a couple of decades ago there were still few internet sites in relative terms, today there are millions.  Digital technology makes it easy for people to communicate with each other.  It has helped organize political activity and will continue to be a vital political tool for the indefinite future.

But as serious as the uses of digital technology are, it is also the perfect modern means to enrich one’s spare time.  Casino gaming online is simply one way that phenomenon manifests itself.


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