Best Marine Linear Actuator 12v

Best Marine Linear Actuator 12v

Best Marine Linear Actuator 12v

Marine conditions require high power and reliability from automation systems. This is why the issue of choosing the suitable linear actuator for your boat or yacht arises. Let’s discover the main aspects of actuator choice and find out which one suits you the most.

Marine Actuator: What to Look for?

The key point of robust actuators is their wear resistance. Durable devices ensure stable performance and satisfying experience. Don’t forget about the harsh conditions your system will face. Insane humidity and wind along with UV rays are the main reasons why you want quality.

Image source: Bavaria Yachts

Another thing is the impossibility of prompt maintenance and repair. Imagine yourself in the middle of an ocean with an opened and jammed window during a storm. Not the best kind of day, is it? The durability of your automation system is paramount, so purchase exceptionally quality 12v linear actuators.

How to Choose the Best Linear Actuator Specifically for Your Project

To hit the bull’s eye and pick the best solution for your boat you should decide on your project. What exactly are you going to automate? Which force and device size will fit your needs?

Here are the main vessel parts you might want to be automatic:

  • Boat exterior. Windows, hoods doors, engine hatches, and other exterior projects;
  • Heavy parts. Boat trailers, vent or even mast;
  • Light and boat interior parts. Inside doors and windows, displays, monitors, kitchen and cabin interior.

Now, based on automation solution you’ve selected let’s consider the linear actuator aspects you should take into account before the purchase.

Actuator Environment Resistance

As far as exterior and heavy-duty projects are concerned, make sure to buy waterproof devices with decent wind resistance. These projects won’t forgive your attempts to skimp on the actuator durability.

Image source: Boat Actuator

At the same time, interior automation isn’t that demanding in the context of environment resistance. Opt for actuators with moderate protection if you are looking for light interior systems. There is no need for overpriced extra-durable ones here.

Actuator Size and Weight

Powerful actuators for mast or vent automation are often heavy and massive. It’s okay, as they perform insane lifting tasks. Moreover, there is probably plenty of space at your vessel exterior, so it is less of an issue than one may think.

On the other hand, bulky actuators won’t fit your minimalistic projects of kitchen and cabin automation. The more compact your system is, the more ergonomic it looks. Even several centimeters matter here, bear this in mind.

How to Choose the Linear Actuator Manufacturer

First things first, experience and long history on the market are your guarantees of high-quality products. Buy marine actuators from trusted brands with positive feedback and satisfied customers.

Image source: 12V Actuators

One more thing to remember is your project’s specifics. You automate the boat, meaning you need specialized actuators. A decent water, wind, and wear resistance is a must. You need truly progressive actuators.

The Bottom Line

Boat or yacht automation is a complex task with a bunch of subtle aspects to consider. Don’t rush into it, take your time and choose the most suitable linear actuators for your project. Robust devices will not only protect the automatic system from unexpected malfunctions. They will ensure the long-lasting joy of flawless automation performance.


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