5 Must-Haves for Music Lovers

Everybody loves music, but not everyone loves it as much as audiophiles. These people (like me and probably you too) consider themselves connoisseurs of audio, and can truly enjoy the pleasure that comes only with the highest quality. Music isn’t just “noise” for audiophiles, it can be felt and tasted like a juice that flows inside the ears. However, in order to really appreciate it to its full extent, they require the best high-tech gadgets that can reach the desired sound quality.

Some of them can be quite expensive, but while offering superior quality, they can also allow music lovers to listen their favorite tunes anywhere, at any time. Let’s have a look at the best gadget and gizmos to fully enjoy listening your beloved bands.

  1. Dragon Audio Cables

If the cables that connect your devices are low quality, all the sounds will feel “wooly” as the details are lost. Dragon Audio Cables are probably the top quality among high-end audio cables for handheld devices, and can lift that opaque barrier from the sound that will make ever bass fuller and more rounded.

The Black Dragon in particular are designed with copper stranding intermixed with kevlar copper to enhance frequencies and provide additional warmth. The Silver Dragon is tuned to provide a finer experience, with cleaner top ends that guarantee an airy quality to every detail. about midrange between the other two cables, in terms of quality the Blue Dragon is a standard tier cable, providing neutral and natural sounds that add clarity and improve the dynamics without changing timbre or color of notation.

  1. Shure SE535 in-ear headphones

Ideal for listening to music both at home or while you’re on the go, the Shure SE535 metallic bronze in-ear headphones offer an over-the-top overall experience. Sleek, shiny and compact, they’re designed to offer full noise isolation with an ergonomic design that optimizes comfort. The 360° rotating connectors and formable wire are designed to direct the cable over and behind the ears to avoid any tangle.

The dual woofers and separate tweeter project a very detailed, full-frequency audio deep into the ears. A detachable volume attenuator lowers high-output sound sources. The result is a rich and detailed high-definition audio with deep sub-bass response.

  1. Pryma Headphones

Stylish and fancy, the hand-made Italian Pryma headphones are built by experienced artisans with stainless steel and die-cast aluminum surrounded by classy genuine leather. A top-quality product, these headphones are not just beautiful, though. The audio quality is warm, robust and richly detailed – the music does not escape earcups, and no one else can hear your tunes no matter how loudly you listen.

Designed by the audiomakers at Sonus Faber for comfort as well, the earcups are fully detachable and the headbands are also interchangeable. They come in five color variations, from classic Pure Black and Carbon Fiber, to happier alternatives to match the iPhone 6s such as Coffee & Cream, Heavy Gold and Rose Gold & Grey.

  1. Beolab 18 Speaker

This exceedingly sleek and stylish speaker by Bang & Olufsen is part of the limited edition Love Affair collection made to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary. The rose gold sound column is a top-quality wireless speaker made of quality walnut and oak as well as rugged and durable black aluminum. The BeoLab 18 is thin and light enough to be able to fit practically everywhere, but it’s no standard creature comfort.

The acoustic lens is made of refined aluminum designed to spread sound optimally through any room in a 180-degree horizontal arc without missing even the most minute acoustic detail. Requiring just a single power cable for each speaker, these wireless sound columns are engineered to provide a seamless audio performance.

  1. Beats Pill

This “pill” is one that’s easy to swallow, this super-lightweight speaker allows you to listen music while traveling without losing any quality. You can pair it to any Bluetooth device such as your laptop or smartphone, and count on its long-lived batteries to hold a charge for aleast 12 hours.

You can combine two Pills to achieve a better sound experience with stereo quality, and the 2-way crossover system creates an optimized sound field that provides full clarity across different genres of music. Woofer and tweeter separation also cover all dynamic ranges using professional-level acoustic mechanics.

Technology has made huge leaps forward in helping us enjoy our favorite recording artists with stadium-quality sound. By choosing the right devices, we can experience and enjoy our favorite music as if we were attending a live performance. Take your time to choose the right ones – it definitely is a… sound investment!


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