Haptic gloves in development for Windows Mixed Reality

Haptic gloves in development for Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality could become even more immersive with a new VR haptic gloves coming soon. Plexus are soon to be launching a development kit of its haptic gloves system that will enable fingertip control and haptic feedback for VR systems. The development kit is scheduled to ship in August with consumer devices coming next year. They provide 21 degrees of freedom and haptic feedback by using 5 tactile actuators. Plexus is a modular system will work with Vive, Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. The SDK supports Unity and Unreal engines.

The development kit is going to cost $249 for a pair. I cannot wait to see how well this actually works as it would be real game changer for Windows Mixed Reality, imagine being able to pick up object and feel the resistance of them.
Here is a demo of the system in action:

Plexus Developer Kit Promo – Extended Cut from Plexus on Vimeo.


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